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  1. So I installed the RemoteTech mod and started doing the satellite omni network tutorial here: http://remotetechnologiesgroup.github.io/RemoteTech/tutorials/c16network/ Then I ran into this bug while trying to set the orbital periods: The omni network tutorial I linked above states that the satellites' orbital periods have to be quite exactly synchronized. I'm totally new to this mod and therefore I have to ask if it's still possible to sync these satellites' orbital period so that they don't drift out of contact even with the decay bug present? Or am I just wasting my time with
  2. I use the abbreviation "ASDF xxx - yy" where xxx is a number and yy is a short description of the craft's purpose. In career they are then arranged in the order of business ventures for the sake of nostalgia. ASDF stands for Akinya Space Disposable Flying as per a fictional spaceflight and interplanetary mining company found in a sci-fi book by A. Reynolds.
  3. I have yet to do this a lot. I think it is because of two things - first, I like playing career so initally I spent a lot of time farming science from the moons... Second, and more important, going interplanetary is way harder than flying around in the Kerbin SOI, but for the wrong reasons. As a couple of people pointed out, the lack of tutorial is most probably the "why", and because of that a new player will likely need to do quite a bit of research on things they initially know next to nothing about on the Internet before they can even attempt it and have a remote chance of success. At leas
  4. So that's the culprit! I recently installed a bunch of mods (but NOT the orbital decay one) and thought one of them was somehow responsible for the decay. Just made an account to ask about it before I ran into this thread. One of the mods I installed was the RemoteTech mod and started doing this tutorial: http://remotetechnologiesgroup.github.io/RemoteTech/tutorials/c16network/ It is really precise about the orbital period and I noticed that it decays quickly when I try to place the first satellite. But it's good to know that I can stop parsing through my 20km mod list now.
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