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  1. Yes, I agree something is up with the crossfeed. I couldn't transfer water from one part to another for quite a while. Everything else worked like normal (fuel, food, CO2, waste water, etc.). Your response gave me the idea to shut off the 'resource transfer obeys crossfeed rules' setting in the main menu. Worked fine after that (don't know why I didn't think of it before!)
  2. The new background for the observatory is beautiful! Unfortunately, after exiting the observatory it (the new background) is displayed in my onscreen Kerbal alarm clock window. It's scaled to fit the smaller window, but not transparent. So I can no longer read the upcoming alarm events. Have to admit, it's one of the strangest yet coolest bugs I've ever seen in this game! Sorry, I don't know how to post a log (I'm just an old welder with minimal computer skills).
  3. Beautiful screen shots and a video? You rock dude! Awesome looking work - many thanks!
  4. This mod uses equipment for reconfiguring certain modules 'in the field'. You can launch the Bigby Workshop as 'wet workshop' so it's a fuel tank (LFO). Then when you get to orbit you can use 2000 equipment to convert the empty tank to something else (like the Tinker Shop or Skylab). Same way with the MOLE lab. It can be launched as a fuel tank, then in orbit it costs 550 equipment to convert to MOLE lab (smaller so less equipment needed). Just like the Air Force was planning to do back in the '60s. NASA wasted millions looking into ways to convert the main shuttle tank into habitable space after reaching orbit (but sadly never did).
  5. I thought that at first also. The parts in question do have configurable cargo. But even when set to 'Storage' (KIS) & no parts loaded inside (which should add zero mass) the extra mass still persists. It's different amount for different parts too. The Mole Lab, Crew Hab, & Greenhouse all should be 1.375 tons, but they read 2.75 tons (an extra 1.375) The Bigby Workshop should be 4 tons & it's 9.995 tons (the only really 'odd' amount). I'm pretty good at pattern recognition & I can find no rhyme nor reason to it. Only some of the MOLE parts are affected, all other parts (vanilla or other mods) are fine.
  6. Hey I ran into a strange thing that only affects MOLE parts. I was wondering if anyone else ran into it before. Some of the parts have the wrong mass. For example the station hub is 4.75 tons (should be 1.25), and the diameter is displayed wrong also: it shows 2.6M when it should be 1.875. I tried deleting & re-installing a fresh copy of MOLE (including WB tools). Still there. Tried deleting Tweakscale & no go. I even tried changing the mass in the config file to .001 tons. Then it shows up as 3.501 tons. So it's not scaling the mass, It's just adding an extra 3.5 tons. I'm totally stumped where this extra weight is coming from. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  7. I can't trigger impact science any more. Explosions seem to be missing from my game now. Now matter how big or how fast I crash something, all I get is a little 'poof' & small smoke / dust cloud. This does not register as an impact for either the Flashometer or the Bangometer (love those names BTW). Worked great a few days ago. Is there a parameter in the game someplace that determines if the mass of an object makes a 'poof' or a 'boom' when it hits?
  8. Yes, I got the one from Github for ALG 1.2.0. D/L again today & still no luck. Does it have to be in a specific folder? I put it in the BahaSP folder with the rest of the mod.
  9. I can't get the engine animations to work on this wonderful mod. I got the BDanimationsModules.dll & master, but still no go. Can anyone offer some advise? Sorry for being a modding newbie!
  10. Installed CKAN as advised. Now geiger counter is missing (so all probes having one were auto deleted) and most science is broken. Can't do a crew report, right click on experiment & can't run it (button is missing in pop up window). Reinstalled entire game, problem still there. Can anyone help fix this?
  11. I got the new Module Manager, installed it & reinstalled Kebalism also. No luck. Kerbals still don't eat food. I still don't see a kerbalism button (other than the planner button). Is it on the main screen or in the VAB? Thank you for your help!

    1. Nansuchao


      It is everywhere. Please PM me a screen of your GameData folder and your output.log

  12. Quick question: My kerbals are not eating food. I have food onboard but the number never goes down. I get warnings about them not having food. The oxygen/EC part works great (even the scrubbers work correctly). I don't have a Kerbalism button as mentioned in the previous post (I got the most current version today). What am I doing wrong?