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  1. I fixed it by forcing to Directx11 not OpenGL "-force-d3d11" and every MFD's seems not flipped, thanks https://imgur.com/a/pu6mqFX
  2. MFD or the internal camera just flipped, maybe because of anti aliasing or something? http://prntscr.com/jlbkcx but also noticing a navball and NavUtilities inverted, upside down external camera but when i turn, it wen't to wrong turning direction
  3. The new interior of 1.4 thing broke the ASET IVA and replaced with the Stock ones, can you fix it?
  4. will it fit in mk3 cargobay?
  5. its for planes but not for ssto spaceplanes thing
  6. which one is 1.0.5? i'm confused at github link
  7. works on older version when you have older firespitter e.x : 1.0.5, 1.1 and 1.1.2
  8. i have 1.1.2 ksp but those mod are 1.1.3 will work in 1.1.2?
  9. i like new telemetry system KerbNet like RemoteTech who needs remote tech? Sorry for colorful text i did on curse too
  10. nevermind, if you wanna this mod work use old module manager to work in 1.0.5 or more. i tested it and it works
  11. i install it but it didn't show up what i did wrong? i did using this version ^ i said it still doesn't work on 1.0.5 what i did wrong?
  12. i have 1.0.5 for some reason it doesn't work on 1.0.5 because incompatible with 1.1.3 mods i had to edit to make work again how i edit to work in 1.0.5 of ksp?
  13. ill download it, it says 1.0.5, oh i'm not sure will work in 1.1.x? just try it.
  14. i'm not sure will work in 1.0.5? problems : Kerbalstuff changed to spacedock can't download it. i guess this forum is dead? i think i post too early, this forum was 1 year ago
  15. 1.0.5 works? i'm not sure maybe 3.0.6 or C version will work on 1.0.5 ksp?
  16. umm... there's 1.0.5 version of ksp? link mod? i have 1.0.5, because my computer can't handle ksp 1.1.X unity 5
  17. where 1.0.5 version?! i like that fuel tanks/booster labeled kerbin states or kerbal states etc...
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