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  1. Hi guys. Is there going to be a mission using the new 1.2 comms system? Like, set a triangular geostationary relay system.
  2. Thanks for inspiration... A 32 kerbal shipment comes to the Kerbal Polar Space Station. Your planes are incredible, especially the Sparrow.
  3. An X-15 replica-thingy. Disable the pitch on the canards until the last approach. Download: https://kerbalx.com/awfulhumanbeing/X-15-+-launcher
  4. Why, a whole imgur album is in the post. Or did you mean something else?
  5. A Soyuz-style launcher. Stock. Has good dV to go to the Mun and back The airbrakes act as a fairing, activate before decoupling the stage. Download: https://kerbalx.com/awfulhumanbeing/Soyuz
  6. Great job, guys! I only have two issues: a) It would be nice to include a cargo bay with radiators, like the real one; b) Don't really know how to make the Buran, do I have to slap the 0-90 engines at the OMS fuel tank? Then how to make the launch stack? Are there good mods for the Energia?
  7. As of me, I dont suffer from it, but I have lots of it on orbits, and never collided. Space junk makes KSP more challenging!
  8. Here's how I'll try to explain my wing profile. Start out at the nose at the bottom part of the shuttle with a Structural wing Type A and add Wing connectors Type A along the whole craft bottom.If you find it too short, use Type D and E connectors. Rotate them with the Q/E keys before placing. You should get something looking like a single loooong wing on the bottom. Now add Structural wings Type A on the Wing connector type B closest to the nose. Then expand the rest using the wings type A and B. Then place a Delta Wing after the Structural Wing A, and expand the rest. Add Elevons 1,2,3 all over the back. Strut everything. If you get it right, the wings will look like a shuttle ones. Try it, @Firemetal, and send me a pic.
  9. Thanks! The one version I submitted was sort of early, I now added RCS, and balanced stuff out. A spaceplane landing guide? It would be nice to see your pitch degrees during the flight. They are specific for each vehicle, and I'll try to fly and land your one. For my Buran orbiter, during the re-entry I hold the pitch 15 degrees higher than the prograde vector, and if my sink rate becomes too low, I turn 10 degrees lower than prograde. Basically, I do this to get low as fast as possible, so i don't overshoot the airstrip. believe, your problem is in too sharp trajectory. Try flattening as much as possible on ~10 km, then disable all the airbrakes, and flatten out even more. At an altitude of 500 above sea, your shuttle should be pointed at the horizon. Don't try to land on the runway in your first attempts - you can splashdown, or just land on the poles. If you overshot, and your speed is too high, try what Negative Root called a "Valentina Roll". Roll the shuttle on its roof, retract the airbrakes, and pitch up hard. That way, you can bleed off up to 300 m/s if done correctly. Take care though - it's very unsafe. Try to make you shuttle lighter - it's not my Buran, which has a hidden fuel tank just to make it more nose heavy. Use the nose cone at the front, the docking port's blunt shape will make your craft only bleed off speed, and no way to raise back. Put the docking port in the cargo bay instead. Another thing you can try is grab a Mallard, get it to 7 km, and try to land without engines. The capabilities of it approximate the gliding capabilities of an average shuttle, so it should be fine. Most importantly - keep trying! I think 1.0.2 - 1.0.4 are the best versions for training pilots, since you have no splashdown option. If you go equatorial, then you must land on the runway. The biggest problem for the new Buran is the launch stack. Namely - it does not exist. I tried to do it, but the ET engine thrust overcame the two poor LV-T45s. Anyone knows anything to make it fly at least vertically other than angling the engines? The first Eve landing was done! No return. The whole mission costed less than 150000. Is that much? P.S. You have submitted a bad link to your craft, fix it please.l Nevermind, there's the proper one: https://kerbalx.com/Firemetal/The-Taurus-Shuttle-I
  10. Here's an early preview of my new orbiter! Reeeeally stable. It is basically a sort of a copy of the Buran you can see in the first video of Deep Space Youtube Station, but the original craft was not submitted, so this is technically a my contraption. Also, my first runway landing from orbit! Warning: done in 1.0.2. Working in 1.1 not guaranteed. https://kerbalx.com/awfulhumanbeing/Buran
  11. There should be a small "Upload Craft" at the top of the page if you are signed in. Well it seems that your CoL is pretty legit, so: your lift may be located right, but it may be just insufficient. Try adding some clipped wing surfaces, or do segmented wings. Watch Scott Manley's "Space Shuttle Aerodynamics" video, it is a good example of segmented wings. Watch it fully before trying yourself.
  12. Just visit this website, sign up and upload your craft. Insert a description, pictures and give us a link! Or you can use any file sharing service. The craft files are [craftname].craft and are stored in Game folder/saves/save name/Ships/VAB or SPH, Depending on the craft. For your orbiter splitting, try to strut it thoroughly, and check the CoL. It should be just about behind the CoM.
  13. My is the HST mission tough. I think I will have to use MJ, since I really suck at docking with Jr. nodes. The MMUs are really bulky and inconvenient. The roll is also really messed up on them.
  14. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I will try to get it landed on the Mun. Would a fuel pod landed with legs on the Mun count? I know, it wouldn't. The telescope is probably going to be my LKO test of the "air"craft launched shuttle.
  15. Aircraft launched shuttle to the Mun! Very hard to pilot, I recommend to improve it yourself. Use RCS for final deorbit! Fully reusable, except for SRB's. Mods: MechJeb 2 Craft: https://kerbalx.com/awfulhumanbeing/K-2 I am stunned!
  16. Great job! The interiors are quite good, and a hypersonic Mk3 extension is what I've always wanted.
  17. I wonder if an airplane could be considered a carrier vehicle. A crazy idea got in my head - a Spiral! The Spiral is a soviet a soviet spaceplane. It has a detachable rocket on it for getting into space, as well as its own engines for OMS. The plane and the rocket are lifted by an airplane. BTW, any good Mk3-extension mods?
  18. Well it certainly did, but the quicksaves sort of recalculate the physics, and that can result in an awful accident, get you in a stall or break the craft entirely. The quicksaves also disable the physics for like a second, and everything is on rails, as if you were in time warp, with only difference that time is not warped. During that, the craft can freely go underground, and break because of suddenly appearing collision meshes. I am not that good of a pilot though, and the re-entry angle was messed up.
  19. STS-2 fixed Stupid quickasves killed my landing. Mods: MechJeb2 Craft: https://kerbalx.com/awfulhumanbeing/Mario-STS-1
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