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  1. I had the same issue and removed kerbal renamer which fixed it for me, they only disapeared for me if i was on a manned mission and while still on the mission changed scene then i would notice missing crew.
  2. Unfortunately i get huge lag spikes when using this mod even after trying various dll fixes so had to remove it (1.3.1). Otherwise it was one of my favourite mods .
  3. Has anybody figured out what % fund rewards we should set for an RSS save? Last time i tried it seemed to change from mission to mission which was a pain to keep setting.
  4. I tried that mate but it just made the antennas 10x too strong. Somehow Rss has it set 10x higher but with the ingame gui still at 1. I think it has something also to do with custom barn kit as its a dependancy and the patch wouldnt work without it (not sure if that helps) . Edit What i could try is removing the patch and just using the ingame gui. That way i get the strength needed and also should make this app work. Not sure the patch is even needed since they added antenna strength to the settings.
  5. Didn't work right for me, RSS uses a patch which increases ranges without having to change any ingame settings. I looked in the mod files to see if there was anything i could adjust myself but i had no luck.
  6. Contract payouts seem way too high for RSS apart from that its a great pack thank you.
  7. I had this issue last night while using DRE with RSS. I was able to Eva on the launch pad but after entering space any attempt at an Eva would result in my kerbal exploding instantly, even after landing back down to earth. Its as if the craft gets too hot to touch after liftoff. This was with a fresh install (started a new save yesterday)
  8. Haha i wished i'd known this earlier, i must have gone back and forth 100x . Thanks again you have saved me alot of messing around.
  9. Oh ok cool, so the kerbals will still work in the science labs even though the gui shows no EC? So i can now stop going back (every 6 days) and forth between ships just to reset the EC gui?
  10. Hi, ive got a problem with EC charge and how this mod deals with it while on rails. If i have the ship focused then that ship will not deplete its EC throughout its orbit, but if i focus another ship then the ship on rails will lose all its EC within a few days (according to the MKS gui). I have guys on science modules in space stations but atm i have to bounce back and forth between ships to reset their EC because the gui tells me they have run out of charge but when i go back to focus on the ship it shows that it has full charge still.
  11. Hi i recently installed this mod and noticed there was new classes added since i last used this mod. I decided to remove the mod for this reason as i felt it was a little bloated and also all my rescue missions ended up being for one of the new classes when i really needed to rescue some of the base classes for my space programe. So i removed the mod and just reinstalled the LS mod only. But now when i do rescue missions the guys im rescuing are tourists in which i can Eva with but nothing else. Im guessing they arent meant to be tourists but are meant to be 1 of the MKS added classes but because the mod is removed they show up as tourists. Is there anyway around this without having to start a new save ? Ps The rescue missions i speak of are fresh IE months/years in game time after the mod was removed.