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  1. The first part (0:07-0:20) of No Diggity by Chet Faker sounds exactly like a part of another song, but I just can't remember the name of it, and I can't get it out of my head. Net even Shazam or Midomi could help. I really hope that somebody here knows it.
  2. I do not have any designs, but you can probably find some at KerbalX.
  3. Is there a mod that adds longer truss pieces than the already existing "Modular Girder Segment XL" ? I know that NF construction exists, but I feel like its pieces are too big.
  4. I sent two spaceships towards Jool today, well one spaceship and one space station. Having a station around Jool has been a dream of mine for a while, so it's great that I have finally gotten it done, now I will just have to wait for it to reach its destination. The picture I got of the station is quite horrible tbh. The burn took a bit more than 10 min, but it is also a quite heavily loaded ship. Here is the ship that is carrying most of the crew that will man the station, and later some bases and other stations around the Joolian moon system. I think I have 6 kerbals aboard the station, and 15 aboard the ship, mostly pilots and scientists. This picture was better, you can even see Minmus, Mun and Kerbin down in the right corner, Kerbin is only a few pixels tho.
  5. @DarkOwl57 I have been looking for the cockpit you use on your very nice looking helicopter for quite some time now, and I thought I found it yesterday as being the "Meadowlark" in STX, but now I see that's not the case, so can I ask you: where is it from?
  6. I'm pretty sure its actually Short Take-Off and Landing.
  7. I must agree with @Blaarkies here, we do not need new planets, we need the ones we have to be more interesting. If Squad adds another gas giant, it won't change a lot of stuff, maybe a new Jool-five-ish-challenge will appear, but it will most likely just mean that we have some more places to collect science, and then be done. And also, it won't come in 1.3. I'm pretty sure that everything for 1.3 is done, or very close to done.
  8. TODAY I BROKE TIME, SPACE AND EVERYTHING IN AND AROUND IT! I have found that the Kraken lays somewhere on the edge of the SoI of Ike. Cause it was when I left Ike, that this strange phenomenon occurred, the scientists back at KSC are sure that it was because I got too close the the Kraken, and therefore it felt so threatened, that it had to distort the entire existence of the universe to stay hidden. When I got back to my station and had to dock with it, I realized how big of a problem this was gonna be, as space was very, very distorted in this area.
  9. Stelgy did some work on my D.O.L. today, she cleaned up some part that was no longer needed, and moved them to other places. When she got back inside, she made sure that the engineers got ready to build one of the ships that will fly between Ike and the station. I did not have a lot of time to play today, since I had to take the theory test for the drivers license I'm taking. I was incredibly nervous, but passed without a mistake, yay!
  10. I decoupled the engines from my Orbital Lab at Duna, and seconds later this was my station: Thank God I had just quicksaved After crashing the engines into Duna, this time without the Kraken attacking me, I sent out an autonomous mining rig to Ike, this will secure I always have plenty of rocket parts and fuel to build and power any crafts I want.
  11. That's most likely because the Mark X Space Plane parts I used to build it, are modeled to look exactly like the X-37B . My version is a bit longer and has foldable wings for extra lift tho.
  12. Well you take the -30.5 score then, fine with me. But @Numerlor might not approve this since you haven't got a video, because think of all the ways in wich you could be cheating...
  13. Well then just take me off board, the "plane" could go around the KSC with a battery without loosing any energy, because the engine creates so much electric power, so of course it can do it without a battery. It can also land as long as the engine is running just a little. Im not going to record again since it takes quite a while, and i entered thisbecause it is just a mini-challenge that can be done with quickly. So i am not going to spend any more time on it. But it is a fact that the plane works with 5 parts without any cheating, it can land whereever since it has VTOL capabilties, it has a top-speed of app. 743m/s. 377-743/2 equals 5.5, so thats the score if you are going to keep me on there. If not, then someone else may take my design and get themselves a score of 5.5 or below if you can push the speed up a bit higher.
  14. Here you have it @Numerlor. It's the engine that produces the energy needed, so as long as you don't turn it off completely, you'll have plenty of energy. And thank you for making me try again, this made me push my max speed up to 743m/s making the new score 5.5.
  15. Now that I have been corrected, I better come with an entry, so here I am. This little plane has a top speed of 717m/s and I figured out that the battery is unnecessary, so if you remove it the dry mass is 0.377t or 377kg. As you can see its 5 mk0 parts. It can land in the mountains, but I can not. according to my calculations (hopefully correct this time) the score is 18.5 .