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  1. Long time since i've been here : P I bring forth more drawings :3 (gonna spoiler them in because im gonna post a bunch)
  2. IVA render of a (barely stock looking) Mk2 Lander Can Might make more entries later, but this is all i have for now Using my forum name is fine.
  3. any picture i might've posted here before is probably super out of date and badly taken since i didnt know better back then, so here's a recent one:
  4. nothing super remarkable, oh well
  5. An ASUS Zenphone 3! It was a cheaper alternative to the more mainstream high quality camera phones at the time i bought it, and its pretty much perfect for my simple needs
  6. That actually is a plane from the Sky Crawlers! If i'm right, the Sanka Mk2
  7. Tried my hand at a realistic drawing of a very much fictional plane to see if I still had it in me
  8. another little thing mixing drawings into drawings
  9. VARIG era brasileira, fazer o que? I wish modern airline liveries were still styled like this tbh
  10. Sadly, no. Its just a concept I came up with trying to mix a skylon with something like a giant concorde.
  11. A little something i did this afternoon! Was loads of fun to do, and I'm hoping to draw this plane again some time in the future...
  12. Some recent stuff! All 3 were done within 36 hours, so it only proves that as far as my linework is concerned, i have absolutely no consistency.
  13. I've been playing a lot of Space Engineers with friends on a server so i drew a quick sketch of the shenanigans i was up to last time i played (capturing npc ships like a crazy person and scrapping them on the moon):
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