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  1. HazelPine

    Help with Relationships Thread

    Continue being you? It's something to be the odd one out, and another entirely to be a nice person
  2. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

  3. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

    anatomy is really not something i can grasp
  4. I still love this planet pack to bits, glad to see it updated!
  5. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

    Trying to draw people in any way that leans towards being realistic is really hard, so I'm pretty surprised at this thing I cranked out at 3am on a school night
  6. HazelPine

    How did you choose your profile picture?

    I change it every few months, but it`s usually something i drew for the exact purpose of being a profile picture
  7. HazelPine

    How to rep "farm".

    Draw things for people for free. i learned my lesson from that
  8. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

    I forgot that being able to draw lets you draw absolutely anything:
  9. I think I can get something done for you! :3 Will work on this later today EDIT: WIP
  10. HazelPine

    Show off your drawings!

    Have a bike
  11. HazelPine

    Put a Face to the name

    Since my last post here was a very long time ago from last time I was active here, here's an updated picture
  12. HazelPine

    DCS World(Digital Combat Simulator) Chat Thread!

    DCS is for sure a fun sim game. I have the Ka-50 and A-10 CD versions and they're some of the most realistic and fun things I've played.
  13. HazelPine

    A whole family in the living room watching TV

    Surprisingly, my friends. Sure, things like morality and manners mostly came from my family, but most things I ever learned about the world and how to live in it came from friends. Basically, every generation that comes along has its own general idea of how things "should be", based on how the world was (or is) during the time they are alive. When things change drastically, like in recent decades, the people that are born in the new times are going to be different. The best you can do is teach them what you know to the newer generations and what is right from wrong, really.
  14. Uhm.. Can I get my name changed to Hazel? If that's taken maybe HazelPine?