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  1. Long time since i've been here : P I bring forth more drawings :3 (gonna spoiler them in because im gonna post a bunch)
  2. IVA render of a (barely stock looking) Mk2 Lander Can Might make more entries later, but this is all i have for now Using my forum name is fine.
  3. any picture i might've posted here before is probably super out of date and badly taken since i didnt know better back then, so here's a recent one:
  4. nothing super remarkable, oh well
  5. An ASUS Zenphone 3! It was a cheaper alternative to the more mainstream high quality camera phones at the time i bought it, and its pretty much perfect for my simple needs
  6. That actually is a plane from the Sky Crawlers! If i'm right, the Sanka Mk2
  7. Tried my hand at a realistic drawing of a very much fictional plane to see if I still had it in me
  8. another little thing mixing drawings into drawings
  9. VARIG era brasileira, fazer o que? I wish modern airline liveries were still styled like this tbh
  10. Sadly, no. Its just a concept I came up with trying to mix a skylon with something like a giant concorde.
  11. A little something i did this afternoon! Was loads of fun to do, and I'm hoping to draw this plane again some time in the future...
  12. Some recent stuff! All 3 were done within 36 hours, so it only proves that as far as my linework is concerned, i have absolutely no consistency.
  13. I've been playing a lot of Space Engineers with friends on a server so i drew a quick sketch of the shenanigans i was up to last time i played (capturing npc ships like a crazy person and scrapping them on the moon):
  14. Little sketch i made during a drawpile session in a discord server, was lots of fun!
  15. Sounds right up my alley then! I tend to do things even if they're mindnumbingly boring
  16. That Could be interesting to do, but I'll only be able to get it to work once I figure out how to load the IVA props into the scene as well, because it seems they're not a part of the IVA model itself. If I figure it out I'll see about doing one of the ASET IVAs.
  17. Experimenting with exporting KSP models into blender, and since rendering the ships is already something that's been done a lot, I decided to try rendering the gorgeous IVA spaces that ksp has.
  18. The most instruction i've had in blender is random youtube tutorials every now and then. I've just been very persistent in learning it, although it takes forever for me to do anything in blender. I'm still a noob in it
  19. Yep! Just blender and my half functional knowledge of 3d modelling
  20. Not really a drawing, but this is what i've been working on and off for the last 2 weeks or so: There's still a lot to do on the model though, but i thought it was complete enough to share
  21. This drawing is awesome, i love the hatch shading!
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