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  1. yep @DeltaVerb?
  2. I believe it's a mod called Historian.
  3. Some nice stuff from the last dozen ksp installs I've had:
  4. I, ah, am here. @cratercracker?
  5. @Nucleartaxi, thanks for the tutorial! Made my first skybox today!
  6. Somewhere in Europe I saw these:
  7. I got "pain" for Pine. And "anxiety" for my real name. Hmmmm...
  8. I drew a thing I really want to get for myself:
  9. One of the weirdest working ships I made is this reusable launcher I used to make a space station. It worked by tossing things into space, where the payload would release and circularize. After that it landed back at base and was refueled and reloaded with two even weirder crafts:
  10. A little sketch of a ship I tried circumnavigating kerbing with!
  11. An attempt at trying out some more pleasing to look at sketch techniques was made. I think it worked ok, but there's some fine tuning to be done still. Also, mini cooper rally car!
  12. I don't think I'll be able to help out on this one, sorry.
  13. No, that's the duck with the 30mm and the 45mm cannon options. Although once I finish this one camo I plan on passing it to the other duck as well, since this one still doesn't have a damage skin.