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  1. Not to rain on anyone's parade... I mean, people are free to like what they like... but I just find it interesting that with a very few exceptions people just want to make the Kerbol system exactly like the Solar system. I find myself thinking the exact opposite... that if anything the Kerbol system is already too much like the Solar system and should be changed to be more different, not more similar. Then there is Kerbol itself... Let's get real. A star with a radius of 261,600 km is not a type G2 star. Kerbol should be more like a K3 with a peak blackbody frequency of about 623 nm. In t
  2. What is this "too much math" thing you speak of? That's like saying you have too much love! (seriously, I LOVE math and can't imagine a circumstance were calculus is anything but fun... I know... I'm weird! ) In all seriousness, thanks for the compliment! I pride myself on my knowledge of physics. I just don't want the player base for KSP2 to be hamstrung by Win10. Undoubtedly within a year it would be "updated" and make KSP2 unplayable anyway. (probably on purpose to kill competition with MSFS and Minecraft) The dev team for KSP2 has repeatedly said that they're going to e
  3. Since I'm big into realism, (play with TACLS, Persistent Rotation, Connected Living Space, Mandatory RCS, etc.) I only clip where the part has an obvious and visible emptiness that can be filled with something useful. For example, the space inside most decouplers is wasted empty space, so this is where I usually stick RCS tanks, remote guidance control units, antennas, batteries, etc. that I use on lower stages for recovery. (I try to fully recover all my launch vehicles... waste not, want not, I always say!) As for people that clip into other parts? Meh. I don't tell other people they're
  4. Worst fail? That would be the time I was assembling one of my first large space stations in orbit around Kerbin. It was to be launched in four stages: the first was the station core, habitation modules, and lab module on top of an Atlas V-type 1st stage. (2nd stage was like an oversized Centaur and was meant to remain attached as a re-fueling tank) The rub? I was playing the science game and lacked any kind of remote guidance, so every module had to be put in orbit with a Kerbaled capsule on top, moved in, docked, and then decouple the control capsule and de-orbit before O2/Food/Water supplies
  5. I know a lot of people watched his videos and got into KSP afterward, so probably a good percentage of the player base learned rendezvous and docking from Mr. Manley. (I don't happen to be one of them, I came to KSP already knowing the mechanics of both from Orbiter 2010 and a dozen space games before it) As for my proudest moment? Probably the establishment of a full six satellite Com Relay network and mapping constellation over the Mun... from a single launch vehicle. The 1st stage was reminiscent of an Atlas V with a payload of two trinary sets of satellites, one with heavy Com Relay g
  6. LOL! Thanks for trying to make me feel better about my stubbornness, but I know I'm a nut! I even spent several hours tweaking my Flightstick so it would have fine movement for the first 50% of travel on each axis, then coarse movement the closer you get to the extremes of each axis. (so a 50% pitch forward is translated to only a 10% deflection of controls, but a 100% pitch forward is still 100% pitch forward, etc.) Edit: I also fixed through programming a physical error in the X axis where a 100% right deflection only resulted in a 90% deflection in the system... re-scaling the entire X
  7. I remapped the default keys as soon as I started playing the game 6 years ago to the same keys I'd been using in other games: Numpad 8-2 for pitch, 4-6 for roll 9-7 for yaw. Throttle is on keypad Period, (up) 0, (down), +, (max) and -. (cut) Tied steering to yaw out of habit from too many years flying flight sims. (and actual private pilot flight experience with my father!) Then translation is mapped to Home-End for dorsal-ventral, Del-PgDn for port-starboard, and Ins-PgUp for fore-aft. The four arrow keys are alternate pitch-yaw controls. WASD? Never used in any game (always remapped to my de
  8. Orbiter is to KSP what a professionally built model is to Legos. Using it right requires flight plans, a detailed understanding of the spacecraft, and not making a single mistake. While it can be a fantastic simulation, (I actually had to learn to use the DSKY!) KSP is much more fun. KSP almost rewards mistakes, while Orbiter actively punishes you for them. (like real life) Honestly, I haven't touched Orbiter in over six years. Maybe the new version is better... but 2010 was brutal! Project Space Station was more about program management than anything else. Launch Scheduling, crew
  9. Thanks! I won't move to Win10 for personal reasons that I won't get into here. Suffice it to say that I'd rather have a virus than Win10... it's less invasive. I really don't either... I just preferred the way it was before female Kerbals when there was really no distinction other than name. I mean... when you get down to it, female Kerbals are just another example of Tertiary Sexual Characteristics at best. (like the difference between Pac Man and Ms. Pac Man) It's just silly!
  10. Bought from the store, not Steam, so no "official" count for me... but I'd say, as a rough estimate only, within a close order of magnitude of 6k hours (that is, not less than 3k nor more than 12k) over the last 6 years. (about 9.6-38 hours per week) Never even thought about until I saw this thread. I guess I play too much! (admittedly, a lot of those hours were spent diagnosing reasons for why something went weird and I ended up staring at my desktop... probably more than I have spent actually playing the game! :^Þ )
  11. I do use mods, but not Kopernicus. Never appealed to me. Mostly just use visual and QOL mods like Chatterer, EVE, TAC LS, and such. Kerbal Konstructs is the most out-there mod I use so I could make KSC flashier. But I used to run totally stock for a long time and didn't notice any increase in its appearance. Maybe I'm just lucky? (either that or weird!)
  12. Ok.... this is unusual? I get the sand castle all the time. Does that make me weird? Admittedly, I've been playing for over six years and have lord-knows how many thousands of hours invested in this game, with unp-teen million restarts due to one thing or another... so maybe I just get it a lot because I keep having to close out, do actual work, and then re-open it again later? Honestly though... I had no idea that the sand castle was rare. Learned something new today! (The More You Know... ⁄͡ * )
  13. Mascons only have an effect when you're within a certain percentage of the ratio of the mass distribution over total mass over distance. Orbiting the Moon, because of its small size, relatively low mass, and extremely large mass concentrations relative to that size, orbits below 100km are very unstable... but the Moon is an unusual circumstance. No other major moon in our solar system has that unusual of a mass distribution as a ratio of its size. Even then, orbits above 100km are considered fairly stable over the Moon... and there's nothing that says a "lumpy" Kerbin, or "lumpy" Mun would nee
  14. Sounds about right.... Echelon was almost as bad. Cool as it was for the time, 1-2 seconds per frame (yes... seconds per frame) made it frustrating at times to try and fly. Worth it though! I spent hundreds of hours working on deciphering that silly code of theirs!
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