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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll try and see if I can enable checking for those subfolders in the next day or two. And yes, I have the KSP language file for NP++. It's an invaluable tool for modding!
  2. That was the entire point... make the Science game (my preferred method of play) more challenging while at the same time cleaning up the Tech tree so all the parts from various Mods all play together nicely by making sense where they are in the tree. Some Mod makers have very different ideas about how difficult each node in the tree is. For example, one author may think that Specialized Construction is REALLY hard to get to, so they place their uber-powerful part there... meanwhile another author thinks that node is relatively easy to reach, so they put their moderately capable parts there, which are instantly made obsolete by the first author's uber-part. In sorting the tree, I examined each part and its capabilities to see how it measured up to other parts, regardless of whether they were Stock or Mod, and ranked them all against one another to make them all 'fit' with one another on the same tree. I also made a few tweaks to parts for game-play purposes... such as giving the Ant engine the highest Isp(v) of every chemical rocket in the game, thus giving it a niche use. (as it stood, the Ant was completely outclassed in almost every way by the Spider... and I sorta felt sorry for the little guy... especially with that horrid in-game description!) Lastly, I eliminated a lot of the instances of "the bigger/smaller version of this is in another Tech Node", unless there were compelling real-world examples of scaling requiring all new technology and techniques for that sort of thing. Note: New version released. Apparently the first release copy was using a older copy of RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg that lacked the Infernal Robotics - Next parts... as well as a few corrections to missed or misplaced parts.
  3. In test play, I found it difficult to progress quickly through the early tree, which was one of my main goals. Part of that is achieved through there being simply MORE tech nodes in the early tree. Stock KSP has only 10 nodes in the first three tiers totaling only 288 science to get them all and CTT only adds one more in the third tier for a total of 333 science to get all the nodes. By contrast, Remodeled Tech Tree has twenty-two nodes in the first three tiers totaling 550 science... and starting at the fourth tier the costs are double the last one. (50 sci for all 4th tier nodes, 100 sci for 5th tier, etc.) I did this because I found the early game too easy, the mid-game too hard, and the end-game too easy again. The other way early game progression is slowed is that all nodes in the first three tiers cost 25 Science points. Both of these, on top of the fact that a lot of the better technology has been moved much higher in the tree, combine to make the early game MUCH more challenging. Another way to look at it is by Total Science; i.e. how much Science does it take to get the entire tree. Stock KSP you need only 18,468 Science points to get EVERYTHING spread out over 63 nodes. CTT helps by bringing that total up to 176,303 Science points over 145 nodes. RTT expands on that to require 237,700 Science points spread out over 165 nodes... which is 12.87 times the Science Points needed for Stock and 1.34 times the total for CTT. One note: entryCost as used in the full career game to buy each new technology within a node is still WIP and most have a cost of 0 at this time. That requires considerably more time to work out a good balance for. (especially since some Modders gave this very little thought and the value used in their parts is whatever was in the CFG file they duplicated to make their part to begin with) Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks for the kudos! It did indeed take quite a while to do... mostly spent in Notepad++ finding part names spread out through a few thousand CFG files. There has GOT to be a better way to do this! LOL! Regarding the FINAL directive, unfortunately, several "must have" mods (well, must have for ME anyway) use the FINAL directive that would make them incompatible. Even naming the folder 'zzzRemodeledTechTree' and using the LAST directive still left several Mods using the FINAL directive themselves in their CTT support CFG files that kept moving parts back to their original location, (and AFAICS, none of the supported Mods make use of the LAST directive) so FINAL was necessary in order for Remodeled Tech Tree to work on all Mods. Bottom line is that it works, it's fully documented, and caused by a special case due to the nature of what this mod does. I'll look into seeing if NEEDS can use nested directories, but based on the contents of the ModuleManager.log file, (which was invaluable in finding the right Mod names which have to be an exact match to work) I don't believe it will work. None of the sub-folders within SpaceTuxIndustries folder are showing up in the MM log. The Mod author would have to add a FOR directive to at least one part in each sub-Mod to properly support MM NEEDS directives. I could be wrong though.
  5. Just wanted to give a 'thumbs up' to this mod and offer a recommendation. Years ago, when I was working in the field of statistical data analysis, a materials engineer requested data on radioactive materials, their pertinent facts, statistical analysis on their decay rates and decay chain products, specific heat capacity, as well as statistical calculations on shielding methods and weights for each. The list was for fifteen radioisotopes and I still have all the data I collected on that project. I ran the numbers against your list of materials and noted some discrepancies against real-world figures. (which should still be valid in Kerbal-world as radioisotopes don't change their properties just because you have green skin ;^) Here are your RTGFuelConfigs and RTGResources files with the corrected data on the four products in your RTG Mod (though I DID change the names of some as I thought they could be much cleverer while still hinting at their more well-known names) as well as five additional potential RTG fuels. The other six were discarded early on in the study as their energy density vs decay rate of other fuels were better... i.e. they had longer half-lives and produced more power than the six discarded isotopes which had nothing going for them. The only one that was outclassed by another element (Plutonium-238 has both a longer half-life and higher energy density in W/g) that was kept in the study was Strontium-90 simply based on the ease of access to that isotope. Thoughts welcome and please fell free to use these files in your Mod if you like them!
  6. =========================== REMODELED TECH TREE v.0.1.2 =========================== This is a customized Tech Tree designed to remodel the Stock and Community Tech Tree for a more challenging Science game while logically grouping related items into similar Nodes. Some Node titles and the tree structure were changed to reflect areas I felt were deficient or used poorly. SpaceDock Link This Mod does NOT replace any files in other Mods. To uninstall, simply delete the folder and your Tech Tree will revert to as it was before. This mod is only a Tech Tree and related icon files. It requires the correct version of Module Manager for your KSP version to function. It also requires Community Tech Tree as many of the icons used come from that Mod. This only supersedes CTT's tree structure and some names and descriptions. NOTE: Because CTT is a dependency, none of the MM code in this Mod checks for its presence as it is assumed. Failure to install CTT with this Mod will result in a massive number of errors. COMMUNITY TECH TREE AND MODULE MANAGER ARE BOTH REQUIREMENTS TO USE THIS MOD! Additionally, it requires the Mods to support it for their parts to be added. I have included definitions only for those Mods I use frequently. If you wish to adapt this Mod for use with your own preferred Mods, simply add your own Module Manager re-definition lines for the parts you wish to move around the Tech Tree. Since I did not change the internal ID designations of any existing CTT or Stock nodes, unsupported Mods will still populate within the tree, just in odd places that may not make any sense given what parts are already there. List of 43 currently supported Mods: (all working under KSP v.1.7.3) Aircraft Carrier Accessories v.1.5.1 AirplanePlus v.26.1 AlphaMensaes Modular Launch Pads v.2.0.4 AmpYear v. AviationLights v.4.0.8 BonVoyage v.0.5.3 Cormorant Aeronology v.1.5.1 Cormorant Aeronology - Mk3 Block II v.0.2 DeepFreeze v. Extraplanetary Launchpads v.6.6.1 FASA v.7.2.5 Feline Utility Rovers v.1.2.10 Firespitter v.7.13 Firespitter Extended Version 1 Grounded - Modular Vehicles v.5.0 HeatControl v.0.4.12 Heisenberg Airship Parts Pack v.2.16.1 Hooligan Labs Airships v.6.3.1 HullcamVDS Continued v.0.1.13 InfernalRobotics - Next v.3.0.2 IR Sequencer v.3.0.1_KSP_1.6 Its the little things v.2 KAS v.1.4 Kerbal Planetary Base Systems v.1.6.9 KIS v.1.22 KSP SDHI Strobeomatic v.1.0.1 Mandatory RCS Part Pack v.1.4_KSP1.7 MOARdVPlus v.1.0.0 Near Future Propulsion v.1.1.1 Near Future Solar v.1.0.4 OPT Spaceplane Parts (Lagacy) v.1.4.0 OPT Reconfig v.1.6.1 PEBKAC Industries Launch Escape System v. RasterPropMonitor v.0.30.6 RecycledParts-1.7.2 v.0.1.7 RN Skylab v.1.8.3 SCANsat v.18.13 SEP v.2.7.1 SmartParts v. Station Parts Expansion Redux v.1.2.1 SurfaceLights v.1.13 TacLifeSupport v.0.13.13 (note that dependencies for these Mods such as Community Resource Pack and others are not listed, nor are part-less Mods like TweakScale or EVE) Finally, one note regarding the Recycled Parts Mod. Because all of the older Mods are nested within the SpaceTuxIndustries folder and do not make use of the FOR directive in their PART files, Module Manager cannot recognize which parts of the Mod have been installed. As a result, this Mod can only check for the presence of the SpaceTuxIndustries folder and, if present, assumes that all Recycled Parts Mods are installed. If you only installed a portion of this Mod, you will have to edit the RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg file to delete those lines not in use. (Recycled Parts begins on line 1636 for reference) ====== EXTRAS ====== Within the RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg file are several tweaks for some Mods that are put there for game balance purposes, but also some Quality of Life improvements to some parts. For an example of modification for game balance is the creation of 'soft dependencies' on some technologies that could otherwise be reached without following a logical path to get them. (such as removing the fuel from the K&K Nuclear Reactor and Centrifuge so you can't actually USE them without having researched the Nuclear Fuel Systems node, etc.) An example of one of the QOL modifications, if you have TAC Life Support installed, you'll note the addition of three new Containers and three new Hexcans to add Wastewater, Waste, and CO2 only containment for specialized uses. Also, if you also have TweakScale AND TACLS installed, this Mod hides the duplicate Containers and Hexcans for larger/smaller sizes, reducing build menu clutter. I have also included the XLS file that I created to quickly restructure the tree to my own tastes. You can open it in most any spreadsheet program (Excel, OpenOffice, etc.) and are free to use it to add additional Nodes, delete ones you don't like, alter the Science cost progression, or redefine Parent Nodes to your liking. It saved me quite a lot of work by putting everything on one page that I could search, edit, and modify in minutes rather than hours. NOTE: This file does NOT go in the KSP directory structure. Place it wherever you like for easy access or if you don't intend to use it, simply leave it in the ZIP file. To use the spreadsheet, simply make the changes to the tree as you like on the 'Custom Tree' tab. You can review Node positions (though not branching) using the 'New Tree' tab to see the relative positions of your nodes. Finally you can use the 'Tech Tree Output' tab to copy-paste a completely new tree into a CFG file. The 'Unmodified Table' tab shows the default tech tree using the same format as the 'Custom Tree' tab for reference and the 'Old Tree' tab shows the default Node positions. I have not yet incorporated a tab to quickly edit the parts that populate within each node. (WIP) ============ LOCALIZATION ============ This mod does not include localization support, and includes translations for English only. Since it erases the Stock and CTT titles and descriptions, existing Tech Tree Localization with those Mods are discarded. If anyone wants Localization support, provide me with translations for each tech node and I will try to add it at some point. ===== NOTES ===== I know it is not a 'best practice' to use FINAL directives in a distributed Mod, but since I need this tree structure to supersede tree modifications made by other Mods (i.e. OPT, Modular Launch Pads, Recycled Parts, etc.) and cannot predict what future Mods may include Tech Tree re-definitions, I have employed the FINAL directive to ensure that all Techtree node operations are run BEFORE this mod, then deleted, and finally replaced with the desired tree structure. The same applies to PART operations. (though I have included at least one FOR directive to properly index this Mod with Module Manager) I have no intentions of altering this behavior. If you don't like it, feel free to change it in your own copy, but note that I will NOT provide support for installs that do not use the FINAL directive as I cannot predict what interactions any given Mod may have on the tree structure and PART locations after this Mod has been initialized. Though Modular Launch Pads is not required for this Mod, the tree structure has been altered to include and fully incorporate the Tech Nodes of that Mod. Since it just used Stock icons, and I have subsequently replaced those with my own, no resources from that Mod are used or required. Lastly, for those wanting to make changes to this Mod to suit their own style, I have included EVERY part (to the best of my ability) in the listed Mods within the RTT_MM_Part_Configs.cfg file, even if I didn't move it to a new node. In this way, so long as you know the internal name of the part you want to move, you can just search for it and do a cut-paste to its new node. Soon (hopefully) I will have this all automated and you'll be able to use the XLS file to restructure your parts within the Tech Tree to your liking using the XLS file and simply copy-paste the new part definitions from the spreadsheet. (I know that using a spreadsheet for this purpose is unusual and it would be better to just write an actual program to create the CFG files for you, but I'm a wife and mother and don't have time to code out a full program... and an XLS spreadsheet works and was quicker to make, so... there it is!) ========================= LICENSING CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 ========================= The contents of this pack are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License ( You are free to share and adapt the materials only for non-commercial purposes and when providing appropriate attribution. Any derivatives must be distributed under the same license. All new Icons are of my own creations based loosely on other's works posted publicly online over the past thirty years. No claim of originality should be inferred, but they are not direct duplicates of any work. The 'Cutting-Edge Aeronautics' icon is from the OPT Reconfig produced by author JadeOfMaar and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. No claim of ownership or original design is implied nor should be inferred. Community Tech Tree produced by ChrisAdderley (aka Nertea) and is used under the CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0 License. --- As Mods go, I know this isn't much, but I put a lot of work into it and thought that maybe others in the Community might find it useful, even if just to tear it apart and see how it works. Thoughts and opinions welcome. (unless you just want to be mean, in which case Jeb would like to have a word with you outside...)
  7. Thank you! That did the trick! Code now looks like this... // KPBS Nuclear Reactor & Centrifuge without internal fuels (to mandate the use of storage tanks) @PART[KKAOSS_Centrifuge|KKAOSS_Nuclear_Reactor]:NEEDS[PlanetarySurfaceStructures]:FOR[RemodeledTechTree] { !RESOURCE,* {} // Remove all resources from the parts !MODULE[ModuleKPBSNuclearStorage] {} // Remove the Nuclear Storage Module from the parts @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter] // Find all Resource Converter Modules { @INPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#FlowMode[NO_FLOW]] // Find all NO_FLOW FlowModes within Input Resources within all Resource Converter Modules { @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW // Replace all NO_FLOW Flowmodes with STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } // This allows the resources to move to and from the storage tanks @OUTPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#FlowMode[NO_FLOW]] // Same as above but for Output Resources { @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } } } ...which in-game now looks like this...
  8. So I've been learning how to manipulate CFGs using MM over the last month and I think I have it down pretty good, but I'd like another set of eyes to look over my understanding of how things work. (old programmer habits die hard) Here is a sample of a MM edit I'm working on. This one should remove the ability for K&K nuclear reactors and centrifuges to store their own fuel and byproducts. (thus forcing the player to actually use the storage tanks) If someone could verify my code before I commit it I'd appreciate it! @PART[KKAOSS_Centrifuge|KKAOSS_Nuclear_Reactor]:NEEDS[PlanetarySurfaceStructures]:FOR[RemodeledTechTree] { !Resource,* {} // Remove all resources from the parts !MODULE:HAS[#name[ModuleKPBSNuclearStorage]] // Remove the Nuclear Storage Module from the parts @MODULE:HAS[#name[ModuleResourceConverter]] // Find all Resource Converter Modules { @INPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#FlowMode[NO_FLOW]] // Find all NO_FLOW FlowModes within Input Resources within all Resource Converter Modules { @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW // Replace all NO_FLOW Flowmodes with STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW // This allows the resources to move to and from the storage tanks } @OUTPUT_RESOURCE:HAS[#FlowMode[NO_FLOW]] // Same as above but for Output Resources { @FlowMode = STAGE_PRIORITY_FLOW } } } Any pointers if I messed something up would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. For my games, I've been using FASA ever since version 0.23 (FASA version 3.6) and would NEVER use anything else! (sorry @CobaltWolf, @frizzank's models are just better and I don't have to jump through hoops to have the right names ) Version 7.2.5 works GREAT on KSP v.1.7.3 and @MOARdV's MOARdVPlus IVA is a WONDERFUL treatment of your CM! I just wanted you to know that your work is still VERY much appreciated! (even if I move things around on the tech tree to suit my own games... I guess nobody is perfect! )
  10. NM. It was another mod interfering somehow. Finally got it to work once there weren't a million exceptions being thrown every few minutes. Only a few things I don't like. Number one is that I've re-mapped some keys, namely the abort key because I kept accidentally hitting it every time I would go for the Ins key... so I can't abort from the controller. Secondly is a lack of Wheeled vehicle throttle control. I can set up two action group keys to be Accelerator and brake, but then I lose two action groups. Lastly the ability to swap axis on the controller... in particular roll and yaw. Flying a plane, roll and pitch go fine on the same control... I'm used to that. But when flying a rocket, it's more intuitive to have pitch and yaw on the same axis and roll controlled separately. I can re-map the inputs, but I can't switch back easily when it's time to fly a plane. Other than that, and believe me, they're VERY minor inconveniences... I LOVE it! Finally some fine control over flight attitude! Thank you SO much for this!
  11. Perfect! Then I'll ignore them. Thanks for the info.
  12. See, I didn't know you could nest HAS blocks like that! Thanks! Since the FOR would be my own personal TechTree mods, it would be whatever I chose it to be, right? I'm fairly new to Modding KSP, (though not programming... my knowledge base may be outdated by newer languages, but the logic doesn't change much) so I'm not as familiar with the syntax yet. How exactly do mods set their name... I mean the name that MM will recognize for ordering purposes? Thanks again for cluing me in on nested functions. I'll try playing around with them some to see what else I can do! ::grin::
  13. Trying to create a MM patch to change the Tech Tree, but5 I can't wrap my head around how to do something. I want to change one of the two Parent objects for a Node without changing the other. Here's the source from Techtree.cfg in the Squad folder: RDNode { id = stability title = #autoLOC_501028 //#autoLOC_501028 = Stability description = #autoLOC_501029 //#autoLOC_501029 = Reaching for the stars starts with keeping our spacecraft pointed generally in the right direction. cost = 18 hideEmpty = False nodeName = node2_stability anyToUnlock = True icon = RDicon_stability pos = -2170,1201,0 scale = 0.6 Parent { parentID = engineering101 lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } Parent { parentID = basicRocketry lineFrom = RIGHT lineTo = LEFT } } So I want to change ONLY the "parentID = basicRocketry" to "parentID = subsonicFlight" without changing "parentID = engineering101". is there a way to change ONLY a specific instance? If so, I haven't figured it out. Thanks in advance!
  14. Here is the link to the full image. Format is 2510 x 1623. Let me know if there are any issues.