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  1. That was happening to me on the 1.10 version too. Wasn't too inconvenient as you could just click the buttons to show/hide them and they would change.
  2. Anyone else ever collide with something called parallax plane 17? It happens to me at the end of the runway when I have to dip near the ground before the water to get enough speed to take off. Doesn't happen when I turn off the collision in the config. Other than that the collisions seem to work fine for me despite using a decent amount of mods some of which are outdated.
  3. This mod is amazing. Makes space planes/planes more challenging. I don't think the terrain "bumpiness" was working until I disabled terrain scattering? Think its a Kopernicus thing. Also does Minmus not have a texture or am I missing something? It still looks the same way it did 8 years ago. Haven't been there yet just looked though the tracking center.
  4. Is there gold in the metal skin pack or did you add that?
  5. A must have for driving very large, heavy and unstable things like fully loaded space planes trying to taxi.
  6. Oh yea for sure, I'm just glad it works at all with being 2 version behind. I used radiators inside a payload bay to get around this. Edit: Found another problem with using FAR with 1.11. Its really weird you like hit the water 30 meters before you hit the water. It makes splashing noises and splashing FX on your wings or whatever but its not as dense as the actual water and it prevents you from pulling up due to drag but you can't hit the actual water either. Just kinda stuck bouncing. If you hit the weird barrier hard enough you can go though the water though but if I live I just bounce
  7. Hey so I was using this on 1.11 and the convection flux is strange to a little broken. In stock it seems when a part is behind another part the same size or bigger, the parts convection flux goes to zero after some velocity is gained which seems a little strange already. When you add FAR and fly the first stock space plane in a stock game the parts take convection even stranger. One part will be taking no heat from air while the symmetrical opposite part takes a ton. In my game I tried using an inflatable heat shield. It protected my entire hull but not the nose cone it was attached to. I trie
  8. Well I noticed all the heat is coming from convection. All the glowing parts in the picture are taking in convection heat but all the red parts are not when the shield is open. All the hull parts behind the nose cone take 0 convectional heat unless the shield is deflated. Just did some testing and I unclipped the inflatable to make sure the cone wasn't actually in front of it or something but that didn't do anything. I scaled the shield up to be 10meters before inflation. Nothing. I put a piece a couple meters tall in between the shield and nose cone. Nothing. I put a piece like 8 meters
  9. I haven't looked at the drag for individual parts yet but i use the FAR tool while flying and the drag on the inflatable is ridiculous but when deflated my total drag is unrealistically low it seems. I'm just glad I can't break Mach 1 at sea level like old stock or something haha. You know I just looked at my own pictures again and I think I see the problem. the thermal mass for the nose cone is only 1000kj/K but the heat shield its 30k Look at how the internal temp of the shield is 336 and the nose cone is 772. Even the skin is hotter. Less mass = less ability to soak up heat, makes sen
  10. Oh no you helped by at least confirming things. Yea I usually turn the nuke generator off long before reentry. I will post the fix when I figure it out.
  11. Yea I was reading a bit about heat transfer. It makes sense but in this case seems to not be working exactly as intended. The nose gets a ton of conduction heat but doesn't really pass it on. That's why a put the two normal heat shields in between as a buffer but the nose is still hotter than even the inflatable heat shield is. And yea the nose cone of a blimp is gonna have lower heat tolerances but at 1900k that seems pretty OP for a hollow shell. Once i put a bunch of radiators on the cone by the shield and they didn't seem to do anything ever. I'm about to put some of the foldable
  12. Not sure if this is a bug or just how the heat works in this game but I made a very similar design with the same heat shield work a few years ago. Using the inflatable heat shield so I wasn't expecting ablator or anything. When the problem first happened I put 2 regular heat shields in between the inflatable and the nose cone(pictured without inflatable for reference). This didn't do a thing it seems. the "in-between" shields seem to not get hot but its hard to tell since I can't right click them. One thing for sure is they don't lose any ablator. From the pictures you can see the nose co
  13. Question: Have you ever seen the SoutHPark where Cartman gets a "tip assist" on his mobility scooter? When you use it you have to say, "TIP ASSIST YEA!!"
  14. Oh is that why? I have no idea haven't play since like 1.3 but it seems you are right. Does that mean other things will be broken in this mod?
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