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  1. Honestly, I didn't track them all down. I had 72 errors when I tried loading, so I quit the game, reinstalled 2.8.1 and everything still works fine. I'm not sure what benefit 3.0.1 brings to the game, but all of the mods seem to work just fine without it, and I'm running in excess of 100 mods (some small tweaks to some very large part packs and visuals)
  2. Do you have any idea how many players had to revert back to 2.8.1 so we could still play the game? Your recent "updates" just broke a bunch of mods
  3. Yep...the latest ModuleMananger is just screwing all sorts of things up
  4. After uninstalling Kerbal Construction Time, it seems to be working now.
  5. I'm definitely doing something wrong. I've uninstalled and reinstalled several mods trying to get this to work. I previously had the Outer Planets mod installed, and had that working. But now, I can't get any of the planet packs to work, despite tweaking my mod installs...and I have a lot of damn mods going, so I think it would be asking too much of anyone here to attempt to go through the massive log file produced with all of these mods installed. I have a feeling, I'm overlooking something so obvious though.
  6. Hoping for a little assistance. Most of my mods are installed with CKAN. I have the current version of Kopernicus, and no other planet pack mods installed. I downloaded NH 2.0, and have the New_Horizons folder in my GameData folder, but...in the game, I only have the stock system. Any advice?
  7. Saw you had an update, which included support for TAC-LS as well as Remote Tech (as you previously indicated), so, I gave your mod another try. And crashed....and crashed...and crashed. Just still seem to be too many bugs and incompatibility with other mods, so uninstalled once again.
  8. Neither New Horizons nor Uncharted Lands seem to be populating on CKAN...
  9. Good to see it populated on CKAN - I'll give it a try
  10. If they don't use CKAN, then I don't use their mod. It may be quicker to do manual installs, but it's more time consuming and more of a hassle in the long term.
  11. I do believe I'll give this a try out once updated and released on CKAN
  12. Patiently waiting for the update for 1.1.2 and population on CKAN
  13. doesn't seem to be populating on CKAN