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  1. One lonely night i wished to have a lobotomy to rid me of emotions, and my favourite streamer had just put on a lobster suit, so I thought lobotomy + lobster+ bottom would make a good combination for a username.
  2. This is a pretty cool concept. Does the game also offer ways to improve your army based on your code? I can't wait until this branches off into other languages too.
  3. 8 is the number following 9 and preceeding 7. My IQ 79. What can do to become smarterer?
  4. GOLLY THIS SEEMS LIKE A FUN GAME. LET ME TRY. New rule: posting in caps lock is not permitted.
  5. 10 chalky Newtonian chalks after Newton chalks on a chalky blackboard. At what age can I get my fake I.D?
  6. JOI success! Now time to wait for another 53 days for Juno to approach Jupiter again with all its science equipment out and ready.