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  1. I'm seeing this issue as well. @Zorg could you share that patch?
  2. Since I updated to the latest version my computer runs out of memory very quickly. I have 16gb of RAM and literally 5 minutes after starting the game it become unresponsive. Really frustrating since it takes 20 minutes just to load the game. Did not have this issue before updating to the most recent version.
  3. I have a probe in orbit of the mun in JNSQ and the temperature readout is 300-something degrees. Is that right??
  4. These engines are showing 0/0 ignitions and fail to ignite...even though the same engines on a different rocket show 1/0 ignitions available on the launchpad and ignite as expected. Any ideas why?
  5. How do I enable this option? edit: figured it out, gotta click on the bottom two buttons after right clicking the node How do I get the custom maneuver node menus to come up? Should they automatically appear whenever I click on a maneuver node? I'm on 1.7.3
  6. Ran into the NaN kraken! Here is where it started in the log. Lots of repeats after that. recalculating orbit for bluedog.Vega.Avionics (Scout): Kerbin ( Update mode TRACK_Phys ) rPos: [-1630121.78137583, 951.445196308118, 463325.01558973] rVel: [-1050.74282255729, 3.37440912728259, -3702.10783409636] |3848.33396173855| (Filename: C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/DebugBindings.gen.cpp Line: 51) recalculated orbit for bluedog.Vega.Avionics (Scout): Sun ( UT: 10220609.5316559 ) rPos: [NaN, NaN, NaN] rVel: [NaN, NaN, NaN] |NaN| Delta: [NaN, NaN, NaN]
  7. An update on this: I was playing with an outdated version of Deadly Reentry. With the latest version, with 100% heating, it is well balanced with JNSQ!
  8. Bug report: there is no comm connection to KSC at Darude launchpad!
  9. So it turns out I just had the staging set up incorrectly so Kerbal Engineer was only showing me the TWR for the middle engine! With all three engines I get a healthy TWR.
  10. Yep. And the fully upgraded engines on the half stage, I only have 0.96 TWR at sea level. edit: with just the first stage!
  11. So it seems like the Fatlas, as built according to the unofficial wiki https://github.com/friznit/Unofficial-BDB-Wiki/wiki/Atlas-Unflown ,just the first stage alone doesn't have enough TWR to get off the launchpad. I've seen other people post their fatlas pics here; how did you make it work?
  12. So the relay antenna range on the "Obelix" probe core was increased to 2000000 from 500000 since the previous version. Were antenna ranges increased across the board for various antennas in this update? Because playing with JNSQ, even with the tiniest antenna I can still get a signal at minmus.
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