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  1. Sadly for some reason i cant upload pics to imgur it always ended with error and everything is in latest version. strange thing is makin history pods internal rcs puffs are good expanding smoke like before .(realplume style)
  2. before restock with real plume rcs puffs well was real now after restock install rcs puffs are just a smoke line . do i need to do somthing?
  3. is it me or eva follower does not work with new suits ?
  4. hi thanks for good work one small problem with new update i cant select (place anywhere 1 linier rcs port) on craft in vab
  5. CAN sombody tell me any suit package that works with latest ksp and tr i used phonix eva suits that arnt correctly load to my kerbals
  6. still high ec consumption in 3.7. back with 3.5
  7. with new update my comms ec consumption gets very high and solar panels are useless
  8. air reserves are unreasonably high compare to consumable and ec consumption way to high for comms my solar panels are useless . Edit: i think the ec problem is related to new kerbalism update. but air problem still there with older version
  9. they don't produce ec at all but it says running. i will post a Screenshot later.
  10. so how kerbalism change ec so nether of other mods can not read it ? i really love this mod but it would be nice that if i have stock ec. i know u cant change mod for every individual so some info would be nice to do it myself. (if even possible) ps: my rpm iva. and amp year cant read ec
  11. my electric power score display shows 0 while i have solar panels and fuel cells am i missing something maybe some mod game version 1.8.1 with breaking ground and mods i have a lot of them like kerbalism, near future electric dynamic battery storage and so on idont know which ones r relevant
  12. is it me or command pods don't have air resource only consumables
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