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  1. Mario was saving Princess Peach from Lord Vanaduke. (Spiral knights boss, google it) Fire
  2. Well there is a > in there so I think it's saying good physics is better than a good CPU. Fire
  3. Eve? (And I agree with @MrWalrus123) Fire
  4. Nice work! I believe you should update your game. That looks very old. Trust me, you want to. Keep it up! Fire
  5. I don't usually listen to music while playing KSP, but when I have, I listen to this. Fire
  6. Aww man that sucks. I can't relate though since it is literally impossible for me to accidentally knock out my power cord, and my computer can run on battery for at least an hour. But I'm so sorry if this has happened to you. Fire
  7. I'm here! Actually never seen a Vega live before. Fire
  8. Oooo... I can't agree more with @purpleivan. Definitely going to download and have some fun with. Fire
  9. Just made this one in Meme generator.
  10. Nice Capsule, but I think you can put a little bit of extra work into improving that rocket. I'm sure it's doable! Keep it up, mate! Fire
  11. Mun. Minimus is too easy. Duna is a little tough for a first visit to another body, all though doable, and Eve is kind of the same, unless you have landing on it in mind, which will require a very big and complex lander. Now Gilly, Eve's moon, is a different story and you could probably land on it with the orbiter, if you have enough dV to get back. Fire
  12. I'll believe it when I see it. Fire
  13. Well... It actually kind of looks like a doghouse or so one person told me. (Great replica!) Fire
  14. Hmm interesting question. Well if you take 8^3 and multiply it by 6^2, then you should get a number greater than 42. Though that is THE answer, you'll get an even bigger answer to the one question that it is not the answer to. Actually I can think of over 42 more questions that it does not answer and the question that you guys have asked here is one of those.
  15. Mmmmmmmm.... no. *walks out*
  16. I have not clicked on this thread.
  17. When the bumblebees got inside the rocket...
  18. Didn't think I could do better, but I did. Over 2000 m/s better! Still doesn't beat Matt's though. Video, stats, and craft file coming soon. Fire
  19. Matt Lowne has gone to Eeloo with a MK3 SSTO and a small lander in a cargo bay. People like Hypnautical, Daniel Kim, Mark Thrimm ect. did it with a Mk1 SSTO with no tiny lander. I'm curious to see if anyone has done a Mk3 SSTO directly to Eeloo's surface before. Because Pelican II, a Mk3 Laythe Spaceplane, can do it. (I think) One test run so far. Got to orbit with about 6800 m/s in the tanks. 12 Rapiers and 4 Nukes. 234 tons fully fuelled and .54 TWR at sea level fully fuelled. With more efficient maneuvers than in the test run, it should be able to go and return from Eeloo. Mark Thrimm said in his video that he had 6500 m/s in orbit so with a few gravity assists, this should work. Here are the two problems with the craft. The Dry CoM goes behind the CoL. This can be fixed by pumping fuel forwards, but I'm unsure that that would help when the fuel tanks are almost empty. With only 4 nukes, I'm not sure I'll have a high enough TWR to land on Eeloo efficiently. But we'll see. So let's hope this works. Fire
  20. Was my first Star Trek actually. Fire
  21. Anyone else keep losing signal? The loss doesn't last long but it's kind of annoying. That weather doesn't look good either. Fire
  22. We live yet? The spaceflight now stream is blank currently. Can someone please confirm? Fire
  23. Well, others have gotten further and so can I. But I have tried to do this many times before and failed. This version barely made it. I may attempt it again sometime in the future. But that is it for now. Fire
  24. 6250 in an SSTO was my best. (Yeah I suck) I'll post the link to the mission report in a bit. Here it is. Fire
  25. Guys building a plane is a challenge to some and so is flying one. So yes this is a challenge. Fire