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  1. I'm having a problem opening the game. The loading bar gets about halfway, then the game crashes. When it does this it gives a notification saying: The game crashed. The crash report folder named "2017-8-6_151944" next to game executable. It would be great if you'd send it to the developer of the game! I backed up my game files then uninstalled/installed the game again, this resulted in the same situation. A friend of mine also is having this issue. My mods I have currently are BDArmory, MechJeb2, Vessel Mover (wasn't working last time I played/for a while), KAX Module Manager (same thing), and Telemachus (hasn't worked for past few updates, no issue). I couldn't figure out how to attach that file to the post, but can email it to whomever. Noticed this first in May, but school delayed time for intense gaming... EDIT: It seems to get to "Loading Asset Bundle Definitions" each time, then crashes. here is a google drive link to the error file
  2. I have no other mods downloaded apart from the Telemachus antenna, which is not on the built ships. I have also tried it on multiple new and old game save files. I was thinking that it may be due to the fact I have the 1.1 Pre-release downloaded. Is RemoteTech incompatible with 1.1?
  3. I still can't get it to have any sort of time delay. On the mission clock, where there is the time delay and calculator icon, it is red and only shows N/A, regardless of the presence of an antenna or probe body. Any thoughts?
  4. When I open a saved game file, it pops up and has a number of options. I just can't figure out why I still have control on the opposite side of Kerbin.
  5. I recently installed the RemoteTech mod and was trying to figure out how to activate it in my game file. I can see that the KSC has the Mission Control icon over it, but I have no additional UI showing a satellite connection or range. I tested a rocket with no antenna and it worked in full orbit with no line-of-sight. Is this a mod that doesn't work in Sandbox Mode? Also, is there a way to edit the settings file to allow for RemoteTech in Sandbox Mode?