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  1. Greetings! First off, I commend the team for this amazing mod; the look, the feel, everything was phenomenally developed. Second, I couldn't help but notice that there is a distinct line between the day and night side of planets such as Gael and Tellumo, which I don't seem to notice on let's say, Niven, Hadrian, or Augustus (just to name a few bodies). So my question is: is it not possible to create a seamless color gradient between the day and night sides for these planets? Cheers
  2. Can confirm the need of the resource folder from Firespitter. Before adding it, my game would hang at the loading screen, specifically at the part where it tries to load the electric propeller.
  3. Thanks for the tip @Phineas Freak @linuxgurugamer here is a dropbox link to my output log: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fr4g1w5jnxz2ip2/output_log.txt?dl=0
  4. Now that you mention it, this might well be the case. When launching a fresh install, error logging is an option in a small window on the main menu screen (there's a little green light next to it and some other option), yes? If so, then if I recall correctly, I may well have disabled the option.
  5. Glad to hear that it's reproducible. I did. Heck, I vainly searched all of my disks just to be sure.
  6. Right, that's what I thought, but upon scouring both folders I haven't come across an output_log.txt file. I am not.
  7. I shouldn't be. I'm launching out of CKAN and have this in the command line: KSP_x64.exe -single-instance. I have a x64 shortcut on the desktop as well and have been launching from it on occasion. Even if I did run in x32, I would see a log file in the regular KSP_Data folder, wouldn't I?
  8. Windows 7. I checked the forum post for proper error reporting, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83212-how-to-get-support-read-first/, beforehand as well.
  9. I thought it would somehow mitigate the collisions by immediately forcing the Kerbal out and to the side of the cockpit, but after experimenting it seems that this change in ejectDirection values does nothing in this specific scenario. Here is a video of the issue: For whatever reason, I cannot seem to find my output_log.txt, having even done searches of my full drive to make sure that I am not blind. It seems like it's not even being produced; it should reside in my KSP_x64_Data folder, correct?
  10. This won't be necessary. After doing some experimentation and critical thinking, I deduced that the issue doesn't lie within this mod, but rather within the part.cfg file of the external command seat itself. For those like @Daniel Prates interested in resolving this as well: GameData\Squad\Parts\Command\externalCommandSeat\externalCommandSeat.cfg -> Open with a text editor. Under MODULE, you will see this line: ejectDirection = 0, 1, 0.2 [x, z, y]. This line allows you to manipulate the ejection direction and magnitude imparted on the Kerbal. Personally, I reduced y to 0.1 and z to 0, which finally allowed me to make compact VTOL transport shuttles. I hope this helps EDIT: While what I posted is still valid for those wanting to resolve the same issue, I realized that my response is to a completely different issue all together. I'll produce a log file and video soon, @linuxgurugamer I do suspect, however, that this may have something to do with the ejection configuration, so I'll make amendments to the Lark's part.cfg file first to see whether or not that fixes the issue.
  11. Thank you for continuing the development of this mod. As an astronomy student, this mod is a must have As I understand it, the functionality of these telescopes is restricted to the [HKO] vicinity of Kerbin. Out of curiosity, is it possible make these telescopes function on Kerbin or is it practically impossible? I've already built a replica LBT, housing two FungEye telescopes; but, due to the high-orbit requirement for functionality, sadly, all it can serve as is a nice aesthetic prop for now
  12. Right on the money! I hadn't even considered it since KJR one of those mods you install and forget about. Thanks for the insight
  13. I am trying to build an observatory (specifically, I am replicating the LBT in Arizona), but I am encountering some funkiness, post-launch, when I try to open the shutters or rotate the telescopes. Here is an annotated video displaying the phenomena: When playing around in the editor, everything moves without error which leads me to believe that it's the physics simulation that's causing these issues, but I am not entirely sure. Am I missing something here? Also, I was initially wanting to place the shutters on a gantry, but I cannot seem to find the parts. That is, I know that there is a gantry in the legacy pack, but I thought that the truss and railing parts were the reworked replacements for the legacy gantry. Was I wrong to presume this? If so, what purpose do these truss and rail parts serve?
  14. Taking the rotatron as an example, all you have to do is simply invert one part's rotational axis. You can achieve this by right clicking on the part and selecting the "Invert Axis" option.
  15. Can anyone else confirm what seems to be a bug for me, which is that whenever I load the Meadowlark with two Kerbals from the crew assignment screen, upon spawning on the runway, both Kerbals spawn out of their seats and violently collide with the interior of the cockpit. If I launch with only one Kerbal in the Meadowlark, then this problem doesn't exist.