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  1. 有沒有台灣和香港的玩家玩這個的

  2. What is your proudest moment in KSP?

    First time i made a plane and it can fly into the sky is amazing to me. Because i dont have any knowledge about the planes and i have never played the game like KSP before. Every times the planes that i made cannot be flown,because i couldn't put the wings to the right place of the planes.
  3. Music to Launch Rockets To - KSP Music Thread

    i just listen to the sound(noise) of the rock or the plane but while the rock go into the space the bgm will be played i think they are amazing !
  4. I made lots of cars,but no one can be driven steadily.I think they are too light or heavy so they always turn over or the wheels are broken even explode
  5. I have both PC and PS4,and i dont think it is not good to play some games such as the Ksp and the sims because these games are played with the mouses more than the keyboards.And the other reason is that we can NOT install the Mods in ps4 or xbox,just like the gta I dont think i have a good feeling in Gta on ps4
  6. Planetary Base for 1.1.2?

    i belive that you had used the mods with the ships because i also want to use a mod which can change the size of the ship so i can put the base into the MK3 but ! i don't know the name of the mod do you know it?
  7. Capture the Mun

    one of my dream is the same as yours i want to build many buildings on the mun and send lots of kermen to the mun but it is impossible in my opinion because it is just like build all the buildings on the earth by yourself,so i dont think it's possible
  8. What thing feels the best to do in KSP?

    use KIS and KAS to build a base on the planet it is very hard for me to control the kerman in the space but i also think it is very interesting.i have a dream it is building buildings on the moon everywhere and send many kermen there.
  9. Planetary Base for 1.1.2?

    i want to know that how to send such a big building into the space and land on the planet?i am a new guy in the Ksp
  10. Kerbal Space Program patch 1.1.2 is now live!

    i think you need to think about the copyright.i have seen many people copying the game and running it without any things else.