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  1. There is a mod that lets you put Kerbals in command seats from the assembly area. I think its called take command
  2. sorry first time on the forums. 1. yes i mean meters 2. no im looking for the cost of the ship 3. yes i dont see why not. only reason i did not is because i only had 2 spaces for kerbals i think
  3. so i managed to get a kerbal to my space station at 150,000km for 5865 funds with less than 1 propelent left in the eva pack. so can you do better than 5865 funds? here is the video of my craft The idea was when using my career mode i could get food or kerbals to the spacestaion for cheap. i probably end up stealing some ideas if anyone has ago at it sorry about some of the confusion guys, it was my first post but i wont make the same mistake twice! leader board: 1st - Cunjo Carl - 502 funds per kerbal (2nd try) 2nd - Cunjo Carl - 745 funds per kerbal (1st try) 3rd - tseitsei89 - 1908 funds per kerbal 4th - 5thHorseman - 3665 funds per kerbal
  4. hey thanks for the input i am going to have ago at changing the config file(never done it before) and see how far i get. it probably wont be very efficient but hey why not try!
  5. so i posted this video on Reddit and someone said i should try to adapt it to lift a rocket and then launch it from the upper atmosphere. I haven't had a chance to try it yet but do you think this will be possible, how much lift can a rotating wing generate? if the works well i think i could be on to something, it would sure save allot of fuel leaving the atmosphere.