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  1. Thank you!, I'll test it, I appreciate your help (and sorry to answer until now, busy at work).
  2. Thank you, Sir. Just what I was looking for to know. *Kudos*
  3. Thank you for your prompt response. You're right about this question must be done thru Mechjeb post, however as I mentioned I did tests with other rockets and capsules and they behave pretty fine. Still I will follow your advice. About other autopilot mod, No I don´t have any installed except Mechjeb itself. But it would be a good idea to remove Mechjeb and try other one for this vessel, Can you suggest one?. Again thanks for your kind help. Best,
  4. Greetings, I have problems to use Cormorant using Mechjeb using it for ascending. I thought it was a problem by Mechjeb but doing test with other type of rocket and ships I am not having any issues. The shuttle launches but it does move everywhere, it does not follow the rendevouz path or plane target, using the force rotation makes it move side by side and at the end it can not reach the desired orbit. Does any one have experienced this problem as well? Thanks in advance and sorry by the bad english.