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  1. if you bought this game off steam right click kerbal space program in library, then properties, then a window comes up, click local files and then click verify integrity of game cache, this should fix the problem, as well as any other problems you have, and it might even re-add some parts back into the game that are stock.
  2. Is it possible that you can add atmosphere scatters and an atmosphere glow? at least the glow if you cant do the scatter, thanks!
  3. when will this mod be released? im trying to build a stock game with only realism things like engine lights, and other realism things except for planet realism things and parts, but i absolutely need this.
  4. k thanks, i decided not to use this because of the fact that scatterer doesn't work but i rlly dont want eve since i have a terrible computer, but thanks for the help.
  5. im sorry to ask again but is eve a requirement? thx if you reply.
  6. Is it possible you could make an ultra super low res cloud texture for this? you see i has crappy tin can computer that runs on i3 (rip me.) I love this mod but i cant run it and it would be amazing if i could atleast run it at 15-20 fps, the normal low texture runs for me at like 5-10 fps, and you see i get a better processor when i get more money and im not that rich, lol. so uhhhh it would be awesome if you actually did that ultra super low res cloud texture, but you dont have to.
  7. ok thanks, i forgot firespitter, thats why it wasn't working.
  8. i kinda wish the octaweb and the landing legs were black for the falcon heavy and falcon 9 1.1, it would make the falcon's look more real and cooler in my opinion.
  9. Yep, 1.1.3 updates broke sunflares, just wait for blackrack to update it to 1.1.3 and then sunflares can fill our days with happiness!
  10. Hello, can somebody give me help on how to install Ven's Stock Revamp in an order like folder > gamedata > mod > something? It would really help if somebody could help me, I've fallen in love with ven's stock revamp and to have window shine work with it would just be amazing.
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