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  1. i haven't heard of this issue and i haven't had it either, logs would help also what's PAW, and what made you get the nullrefs?
  2. i'm flying it in reborn and it's the same pretty much adding a crew hatch seems kind of like a scuffed solution so instead i'll probably just put a ladder that runs the whole way down the side
  3. Conformal Decals used above This mod aims to recreate the reusable Mars lander concept by Lockheed Martin, the Mars Ascent Descent Vehicle. This is a very early pre-release so it is unfinished and there are still many issues and other things I need to work on, so expect many issues and feedback is appreciated. Designed for use in 2.5x Current (definitely probably working) features: Accurate exterior model/textures Lifting body capable of very precise and accurate landings Opening/closing nose cone for docking port Folding radiator panels "Working" elevator, better used aesthetically Extending/retracting aft fuselage cargo lift Engine and RCS waterfall effects 3 colour variants More Images: Notes/Known Issues: Landing leg suspension not working, and this doesn't seem to be a universal issue: the landing legs just completely become dysfunctional sometimes (temporary fix is given by making it an animated part instead of a functional landing leg) There is a ladder attached to the elevator that the kerbal needs to grab onto during the animation to prevent glitching Parts that attach to the cargo lift don't move with it, parts that are attached to the cargo lift's bottom node and parts that are attached to that part will move along nullrefs get spammed when right clicking on the lab/airlock part Accurate Landing Demonstration: Future plans: IVA Storage containers and rover(s) inside as seen in this image More aerodynamic adapter to connect 5m to MADV Emissive textures for the engines adding sounds Dependencies: CommunityResourcePack Module Manager Waterfall Download: GitHub Repository [1.12.x | v0.2.0 | 14/9/22] v0.2.0 - White and black, and lunar variants have been added - Rear propellant module fuel cells use less fuel but also generate less electric charge - updated engine plumes added by Adiri - Improved stability during atmospheric flight - reduced capability of the laboratory module (previously it had a the capability of a full processing lab which would be a little op for a vehicle like this) - Landing leg have gear as default action group - converted most texture files to .dds file format to decrease in game loading time - reduced seam line visibility Changelog: Recommended Mods: Benjee10 Shared Assets (for docking ports) CryoTanks (cryogenic propellant boiloff) Trajectories (accounts for atmospheric factors to predict your landing position) MechJeb (to hold attitude during atmospheric entry) Conformal Decals Artemis Construction Kit (for SLS, primary launch vehicle for Mars Base Camp components) And again, any feedback is welcome Big thanks to @benjee10for helping me out with some issues I had while configurating some parts, getting my normal maps to work and continuing to assist me with other problems And thanks to @Adiri for updating plumes, and assisting with waterfall issues All rights reserved.
  4. Just wondering if the trajectories mod is allowed, I used it in my attempt for the challenge because it's a "utility/info" mod but considering landing on the runway is part of the commander rank stuff I'm thinking that it's probably too much of a help to be valid for the challenge
  5. damn parallax collisions really bonk the little deployable science experiments
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