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  1. I'm trying to use this mod in 1.3, is this mod compatible with 1.3?
  2. Hello! The F-22 looks awesome, I've also found an engine from the mod "Airplane Plus", the engine is called the J-119 "Cheetah" Afterburning Turbofan
  3. you are talking about Umbra Space Industries Life Support, right?
  4. [1.1] BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits v1.1

    umm... please update this mod for 1.2? oh sorry i just realized it has been updated
  5. what do use the KSO mod for?
  6. what effects mod did you use Avalon?
  7. is freedom or freedom ii a reference to the movie armageddon? the names of the 2 space shuttles were called freedom and independence the movie is very cool (because it's made by MICHEAL BAY)
  8. I would love to see another picture of the KSO EX too
  9. just put all kso files in gamedata folder....
  10. Nazari you were working on the legacy versions of KSO Dauntless and KSO Super 25 and you have finished them, and Helldiver is working on KSO EX because you finished the legacy versions what are you working on now?
  11. GUYS!!!! kottabos did a video on the ksos vehicles!