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  1. The sky is still extremely dark for me and I can see only a few stars.
  2. Not sure about the config but I am using Distant Object Enhancement.
  3. I feel like this is a bit of a nooby question and there's an obvious fix to this problem but i can barely see the skybox, even on the night side. I'm playing on KSP 1.6
  4. yep, i still use it though, know a way to increase the deltaV of the shuttle? trying to get to the mun with the kso
  5. Is it just me or do the weapons not load up in 1.4.5?
  6. whats your weapon loudout? for your aircraft mine are: F-35A - 4 x AIM-120D F-22A - 6 x AIM-120D - 2 x AIM-9X
  7. nvm im too lazy to make it and the plane isnt something im familiar with, so its rly hard, i usually only make planes that im familiar with i might just watch the anime so i can make the plane lol, bored anyways
  8. im saying dat the engines are bugged for me rip, probably have to reinstall it or sumthin but ima just use the panther engines
  9. rip engines theyre on full throttle, they arent even staged
  10. F-22A, F-22N, FB-22 (uses infernal robotics for f22n)
  11. rip common sense going to start making an F-22N now, might make an FB-22 later
  12. im pretty sure its on the right side, that photo is a bit weird, the 'weapon storage' and 'vulcan' labels are off ah, heres a real photo
  13. im pretty sure for the f22 the gun is supposed to be on the right side and the f35a has it on the left side
  14. ok, just did it, going to tweak the drop time and decouple speed of the missiles now btw where did u put ur vulcan cannon? unless u didnt put a vulcan cannon
  15. my f22 testing its missiles, 2 aim-9x and 6 aim-120d, its so depressing that the missiles havent fired in both the pic lol
  16. maybe he just put 2 'all-moving wings' together, ik it should mess up or sumthin but it might work my f22 is technically done but i feel like im missing something