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  1. I realized my mistake about 10 seconds before I crashed into the ocean at 100m/s.
  2. Have you ever completed a Duna landing and return mission only to get back to Kerbin and realize you put a drogue chute and not a real parachute on your Mk2 lander can, yeah that.
  3. Yay, I can make mobile bases again. BTW this add-on is just great.
  4. Merlin43210

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Me I had one of those "oh no I messed up real bad this time" moments. I was making a trip to Duna on my with my new space ship and had made a new lander to go with it. So I did all the standard things one would do intercept Duna, make orbit, land take off etc. But then I got to Kerbin orbit and I de-orbited and deployed my parachute, Then I realized I had put a drogue chute not a real parachute on the landing can. So I quick loaded to when I was orbiting Kerbin and used my last 164 deltaV to put me in a safe orbit albeit an eccentric inclined one. So I designed a probe with a claw and parachutes attached and grabbed onto the landing can de-orbited and safely landed with all my science and kerbals intact.
  5. Merlin43210

    What's your biggest KSP achievement?

    I'd say mine was a fully operational mobile base on Duna I made it so I could go to each biome it was very fun.
  6. Merlin43210

    [1.4.2] Contract Pack: Kerbal Academy 1.1.8 (18/04/2018)

    Hey your CKAN link to the forums is not working it gives the Error code: 2T187/2 so someone or something somewhere messed up. But this looks really good.
  7. Merlin43210

    Hello and Welcome!

    Hello to all the Kerbonauts Here at the KSP forums I have been playing for a while now racking up over 200 hours across multiple platforms, but I have just now gotten into the forums as I thought it would be nice to talk to other KSP players here to pick up new skills and ideas. So hello.