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  1. Thanks everyone for the help! Really appreciate it I was trying the simple suggestions first, so i changed the LV-T30 engines (which i had limited to about 75%) and replaced them with the LV-T45 "Swivel" engines. I also adjusted the fairing a little bit and made it less pointy, altough i doubt this had any influence. Really weird, but just changing the engines seemed to work, didn't adjust anything else. The rocket is pretty stable now and very easy to steer. Doesn't even need fins. Here's the updated ship file here for if someone still wants to adjust it or use it: Download And here's a picture of the new craft:
  2. So i've searched the forums and internet and couldn't really find a solution to this. I've read this post of course, but even when i added wings it still flips over. I don't use full speed when i launch, and try to keep my TWR at about 1,5 - 2. At the start the rocket is pretty stable, but when fuel depletes it starts to go sideways. Is this a 1.1 thing? I really don't know what i can do, i've been trying to fix this for about 2 days now. The rocket is also asparagus staged, if that's any help to solving this mystery. Can someone help me with this?
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