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  1. @HaArLiNsH Well, that's a bit beyond me, But if you can lead me to some resources on how to hook game assets when they are loaded, I am down for some exploring! Never had a problem learning something new.
  2. As much as i would love to make that, the helmet would require modeling abilities beyond myself. i could do the suit, but that's as far as I could take it.
  3. KSC SUPPORT STAFF Hey Guys/Gals/Kerbal-kind! I was searching for a mod that would allow you to have technicans and scientists on the ground for role playing purposes. Lets face it, Astronauts don't drive the fuel trucks and astronauts are not soldiers in the the war games. So here is a mod that will allow you to have those guys in the game. Since I could not find something like this, I decided to try to make it on my own. This is my first mod, so please be kind and I hop I do not disappoint. This mod does require Texture Replacer Replaced to work! Downloads: Spacedock: KSC Support Staff on SPACEDOCK.info Curse: Coming Soon! (approval process :/) This mod will be updated as I get more free time, see the included readme for details.
  4. Just finished the soldier texture. Being an Army vet myself, I decided to start with the ACU pattern as that is what I wore.
  5. Finished the scientist model ( I went with a clean room style, to make use of the head textures). I think i will do some soldier skins before I start to release the first mod, for those who may want it.
  6. What I did was operate my game like a mission control using telemetry Data on my other monitors, (I might have a pic lying around...) I used the Telemachus mod, I had to re-compile it myself at one point because it was abandoned, but I believe. someone revived it and is continuing it. Here Is my 6 monitor setup: And the telemachus mod is: Telemachus on github
  7. And that's kinda what i was thinking, but i believe its falls under the "something is better then nothing" category. That's all this is, a texture pack using TRR. But I think if I add soldier uniforms, it might make it more desirable. One day I will learn unity/blender and make my own models.
  8. Thanks for the heads up, i changed it, and maybe now my pic will show also
  9. Well, I couldn't find what I needed, so i am trying my hand at mod creation. If this is something that you would like, check out ,y post here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/168717-wip-kerbal-construction-workers-and-scientists/
  10. Thats what I was thinking, theroetically the model.mu files should be in there somewhere, just gotta figure out who can do it....
  11. I did some digging and couldnt find this so, thought I would ask. Did someone make a mod that allows us to use the kerbals in the yellow jumpsuits or the scientists in the white lab coat (seen on the floor of the vab or sph) playable on kerbin? (For us who like to RP or make videos)
  12. I, for one, am happy this mod is back active. I know i re-release dthis mod earlier , fixed, and probably against some sort of rules, but I felt something as great as this should be out there for everyone to enjoy. Great job tcannon, keep up the good work!
  13. HERE IS MY OFFICIAL ENTRY, YAY! Hello Fellow Kerbalteers! After long hours of fun, I am proud to present my entry for Category 2: Recreation with unlimited mod use! I hope that the layout of this post will satisfy the requirements needed for an entry, if not please let me know what I need to add. It was really fun to make and I enjoyed this opportunity to mimic a future mission. Many thanks to @IonStorm and all the people at Lockheed Martin and NASA! Best of luck on the mission! SPECS: 597 Part Count 50,330 kg MOD LIST: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m00QdBUPDV2SGG7IkvDHvgengk5zojpIpswMa5xS4u4/edit?usp=sharing IMAGE GALLERY: VIDEO PRESENTATION: You can view my commentated video here:
  14. @IonStorm are the 4 smaller dish looking things in the CAD drawing behind the main dish?
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