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  1. How do I wipe my modded save file without having to go and reinstalling the game? (I'm using it via Steam btw). Best of luck KSP Communtiy, Crafty
  2. Well, fairly nice design, but personally I like my style of booster, no offense xD. Although I'm tempted to send something up alongside the RCS Tug, but I'm not sure what since I'd like to make some smaller craft attached to the bigger craft if that makes sense? Thanks if you can help me out in PM Slashy... Best, -Crafty
  3. Hmm, tell me how that goes Slashy, and there is a reason I have my username as awfulcraftdesigns...xD Best Wishes, -Crafty
  4. Oh, I'm planning to attach the tug to the RCS by another Juniour Docking Port, and I don't want it looking abnosixously large just to attach a tug, and as I mention previously, I wanted it to be looking sorta cool and a very sleek faring is possible. I know how to load them both into the VAB, its just how do I make them seem to fit together on the space station since personally I'd find it weird to just see two tanks of RCS and a tug attached to it, so personally I'd also taper the end with a normal Clamp-O-Tron since then I'm not losing another docking port if one is already attached if that makes sense?
  5. Well thanks for the review of the craft? I guess xD I mean, how would you improve the booster stage just out of interest? Also, the second stage is de-orbitable and sticking a decoupler and a heat shield will make it recoverable...(Just I prefer it to be destroyed) 2nd thing is, I used the booster stage to circularise it since I like speed over being patient...xD
  6. Smart thinking, I'll use the Mini One provided in RLA...and yes I do sneaky time to insert the RTG and then you can perhaps propose ways of attaching the tug to the larger 500 Monoprop tanks?
  7. First of all it has two RLA Stockalike Mini-Monoprop tanks clipped into the Osakr B tank. Secondly, I'm considering switching the battery to RTG but its not optimal in my opinion. So RCS isn't dead RCS in only two directions is a problem I'll admit that but how do I fix it. So cha, its not useless since I've done a ton of part clipping that I'm not willing to waste to be honest. I can also switch out the stock RCS Block for one with 5 nozzles so I can translate left and right. - @Tex_NL
  8. The chair is for a kerbal to sit in it (cause Wynaut...if you get the joke) and the Ant is incase I decide I'm too lazy and dump it in orbit for my tug to collect. But please, how do I attach the thing to my RCS module in a cool fashion xD
  9. @Slam_Jones I've given you the basic two modules that I want to send up in one launch, but I need a good looking design and that is very hard to come up with due to the amount of restrictions that the stock parts have (I've used alot of the offset tool in my tug, trust me...not to mention the part clipping) Hope someone out there can help...
  10. Ah yes, thats another problem. I haven't gotten said RCS Module built yet...xD
  11. Mods please move it to the Spacecraft Exchange. Hi, Crafty here! Today I bring you my Orbital Station which currently has these modules/smaller craft: 1 Space Station Core 1 RCS Module 1 Space RCS Tug Images will be provided in the Spoiler below: Craft File (Space Station Core): Hitchhiker Orbital Station.craft?dl=0 Craft File (Space Station Tug + RCS Module): COMING SOON! Mods Required: -Good Luck KSP Forums and hope you enjoy and continue to expand on this magnificent Space Station, Crafty
  12. Thanks for the help guys but RLA seems fine so I don't need any more addiitions but its still very much appreciated.