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  1. thats cool
  2. anyone know why there is no option to increase render distance in the Alt+B menu?
  3. [1.2.x] Soundtrack Editor 4.3 (2017-03-01)

  4. i know right?
  5. [1.2.x] Soundtrack Editor 4.3 (2017-03-01)

    it took ages to convert but i got some good space music here for the mod
  6. sounds great
  7. i think that might be it boi
  8. The mod i was talking about also had an option to auto throttle individual main thrusters of the craft so you could have a like mainsail way off to the side and a ton of random little thrusters in the middle and it would august them all so your craft would fly straight also manage them when your fuel mass changed. I found the mod made the "Puff" thruster and the like more useful because they are light, have more power than a single RCS thruster and you wouldn't need to lug RCS fuel around.
  9. I remember back just before 1.0 there was a mod that allowed you to toggle a button in the hanger menu of a thruster or engine to essentially make it a giant RCS thruster as it it was controlled by the RCS system. I really think something resembling that would be amazing is the stock game for when you want to use RCS thrusters on a large to massive craft. The mod also auto adjusted the thrust of the thrusters on your ship during flight(if you wanted it to) so the center of thrust would always be directly on the mass. It was an amazing mod if someone can find an updated version of it. I would like to know if it would be possible for Squad to make it apart of stock KSP or any problems that may occur by trying to do so.
  10. Mod For Painting

    nope sorry, i think when they changed how things are loaded it became harder, but im not the one to talk to about it...
  11. im reporting a reoccurring problem and as long as its getting noticed it doesn't matter
  12. im having some problems with the 50cam ammo box where whenever the game try's to load it, it crashes(on the loading screen) UPDATE: the error occurs with all ammo
  13. Everything makes debris?

    I've had allot of debris in orbit with no problem before, a mod like that would be only for people with beefy computers I guess but I would still download it