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  1. hype...any info on progress? waiting 4 ur update for an new game start
  2. great mod! anybody know something about my issues or if/when the mod is getting updated?
  3. Id love if the battery-packs had the ability to be toggle off! <3
  4. wow, thanks for the quik reply my first post in this forum. And im sorry but my post was maybe a bit short, its only NOT working with the ERS, ive tried the other command caps and they are fine. But yes, rpm is installed yes, and everything is working with rpm and the addons there. Ive tried inclueding the clear glass file in almost every way possible and thers no effect. But, isent this clear glass addon for like looking inside the ERS from the outside?
  5. hey! anybody know why i cant see thru the windows ? like, in IVA, the windows are golden tinted like.. its a real shame cuz i wanna try and dock with the nice rover module and JIS..... awsome looking!