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  1. Yes, it was Distant object that was causing the dim Skybox, thank you.
  2. Yeah I was referring to the Skybox. Thanks for the explanation. I do not have photoshop , I'll just stick with how it is.
  3. Sorry for the silly question, but how can I turn the brightness up for the background alone? is that possible? My monitor is not dim.
  4. My Space is REALLY dark, I can hardly see any detail, how can I lighten it like the video?
  5. I have Scatterer installed but it is not working. I am only getting the box at the start. Is there something I have to press to turn it on to make it work? I have the latest version.
  6. Could someone perhaps make a little video and show me how you actually get the Gemfx configurator to work on ksp. (Im using the latest version) I am trying it in 1.1.3. I cannot get any enhancements working and I dont see the split screen either in game. ( I checked the box in the configurator.) Im Running KSP 64 bit. Could it be perhaps this version is not compatible with 1.1.3? could you link me to a version that is compatible. Thank you. I have 1.2.2 but the latest version is not compatible either.
  7. Rest in peace graphics card There is a lot of planets there.
  8. I downloaded this mod and believe I done everything right, but, the screen does not load. and if it does load I only see kerbin. But everything is in the gamedata. Perhaps its the RSS- Textures that you are talking about.? what I did was I downloaded RSS- Textures, then, clicked on the optional textures and overwrote the main textures inside RSS-textures. I dont understand why I cant get this mod to work. would you be able to give me a print screen of your gamedata folder. Or explain to me what I might have missed. because I don't really know what else to do.
  9. "Run KSP with -force-d3d11 at the end of your shortcut path." How do I do that? Could someone give me a step by step? I should also mention, perhaps I missed it, but where can I have the latest download for this?
  10. I see enhancements on the terrain, but im still seeing the vanilla water. Have not seen the sunflare, I'll check it out. Don't know why Im not getting the smooth realistic water effect.
  11. I have done this now. I am still not seeing a changement in the water. Its still stock water.