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  1. Hey guys, I'm new to MKS and I can't seem to figure out how to attach the Ranger type inflatable parts to my existing ship. E.g. I have a lander with a stock science lab horizontally on the surface of Minmus. I would like to add a small hab module on one side, however I can't figure out which parts I have to use to attach the inflatable hub. I tried using a MKS Ranger Attachment Point, I tried just putting a MKS Ranger Anchor Hub, I tried using the Flex O Tube (which I was able to surface attach to the science lab, but then I couldn't attach anything else to it.) I also tried finding
  2. In my opinion this would be the most important thing! Imagine the possibilities in carrer mode - doing a real historic progression, where there are certain missions that you can complete, where you have to use certain parts to build e.g. an Apollo Style mission - using Apollo like parts. Actually - that's what I expected when I read about the DLC for the first time, and kind of what I was still hoping for when I bought it...
  3. There is definitely room for improvement - I repeated now the third mission (To Mun via Minmus) and apart from the Mission being strange (not really setting a scene story wise) - the second part (getting to the Mun) was really buggy. * The mission info on the left was not updated, so I had no glue what I had to do next * As I got into the SOI of the mun all of a sudden I had to orbit the mun in a very specific way indicated by a target orbit in the map, but the orbit indicated was the other way around so I had to basically turn around and orbit in reverse * Finally managed to get the
  4. Hey guys - is it just me or are the mission that are shipped by Squad really hard? I just tried my luck with "To the Mun via Minmus" and the fuel limitations are extreme. Launching in a 100k circular equatorial orbit directly is not possible (for me!?) so I have to do quite a lot of plane changing and then I don't have enough fuel to get to Minmus... Whats your take on the missions so far?
  5. Try replacing the CKAN installed version of Semi Saturable Reaction Wheels (compiled for 1.3) with a custom installed one from here: https://github.com/Crzyrndm/RW-Saturatable/releases
  6. Hey, I also installed RO with a new install of KSP 1.2.2, however it keeps crashing during loading: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B1jOjppssaQFWUZnU2xab1owVUU?usp=sharing Can somebody help me?
  7. Anybody else having troubles with keyboard commands while in IVA? It seems that sometimes the keyboard input is delayed for like 1-10 seconds, still after some time it works normally again.
  8. I'm new to KSP and didn't know I should save my installation to keep Steam from updating it. So know I have a save game which won't load without mods and a modded loaded save game which doesn't allow me to launch any rockets (staging doesn't work). Whats the usual ETA for modders to update their wonderful creations, hours (in case of RoverDude which apparently already pushed his updates), days, months, weeks....? Specifically RemoteTech, KSP Interstellar Extended are most important for me, but XScience, Docking Port Alignment Indicator and so forth would be nice to have too.....
  9. Wuhu thats great work :-) Thank you soo much! I'll be careful when assembling the next one to avoid this issue!!
  10. I have the same issue - I'm a newby to KSP so I really don't know how to edit the save game manually - I tried the KML tool and it detects the problem: VESSEL (ScienceLabStarter, Ship, ORBITING) -> PART[23](dockingPort3): Docked (same vessel): Dock part docked to other dock part, but docking not responded from other side. Other dock: PART[21](dockingPort3): Docked(docker): MoonLander but If I right click and say "Repair docking" I get a blank message and after saving the problem still exists... I'm on stock KSP (Kerbal Space Program - (WindowsPlayer), build id = 01260 20
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