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  1. This mod is the bees knees. Before installing I was stuttering every couple of seconds, now it's every 30-40 and seems to have barely changed the duration of the hitch. This has transformed the game for me. Padishar, as a .NET programmer myself, I am thoroughly humbled by what you've achieved here. Excellent work and many thanks.
  2. @Deimos Rast Version 1.1.0 has the ability to set a specific value using a text box for each fuel type. I'm not too sure on the ratio of fuels being fairly new to KSP and unfamiliar with the various types of fuel and their specific ratios. Is there a reference for this anywhere? @Svm420 This is a good point. I have added fuel auto discovery in version 1.1.0. It's been tested (quickly) with Real Fuels & Stock and seems to work OK. Please let me know if you find any problems with it. Thanks again everyone for your feedback and comments, I really do appreciate it!
  3. Thanks for the positive comments and welcome all. Deimos, I like your ideas and will add them to my to do list. I'll also update the original post with the license. Thanks for the tip.
  4. Recent Changes UI Performance enhancements. Fuels are auto-discovered based on current ship to aid compatibility with mods such as RealFuels. Resources to ignore can be set in the afu_settings.cfg file. Ore, ElectricCharge and IntakeAir are ignored by default. There is now a slider bar to empty/fill all types at once fuel types. There is a now an input field for each fuel type for precise entry. Hello everyone, This is my first mod for KSP, indeed this is my first mod of any kind for any game. It's a little mod which I created for my ow
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