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  1. So, Harpwner. You may remember me. I'm the guy who suggested nuke scud. Not that this has any bearing on what we're saying, BUT - there's a new version of BDAc out ( which does not work with this mod. Unfortunately there do not appear to be any legacy downloads.
  2. I'm crashing while loading 7mm ammo boxes, I deleted the "plugins" folder. Any help?
  3. Hello Harpwner! Long time no see! It appears some people have decided to update BDArmoury, and it works perfectly fine with the new release
  4. Hi, The way I have it set up, The rockets work but the guns don't. I have ammo boxes and the gun, is that sufficient?
  5. I have noticed a bug that pretty much undermines the whole mod. The parachutes can be right-clicked on the ground, but not in the air... Is it just my install?
  6. This mod is not working for me in 1.1.3, all I see is a dll file in the mod. Is this my problem?
  7. CI crashed my game on start =P SXT also has the Entente cockpit, made a Concorde out of that! (With B9's F911 or whatever engines.)
  8. I chose SXT, but now I know there are a lot more airliner mods than I though. Thanks everyone, and Wraith? You have completed my mod list. (Which is long enough to crash the game on my HP Laptop every time I revert to spaceplane hangar, and sometimes just crash for no reason)
  9. Sorry, At the time I didn't know CoffeeSE lost the assets. I apologize.
  10. I found the Phoenix, but it has no crew cabin, and I am going for something more airliner-y. Hi?