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  1. Yep, it should work, however k3sp is the bees knees as well..
  2. Cheers for the input mate. I have no idea what that glow is, or how to remove it. I'll check it out.
  3. Hmmm, I've never used gemfx with ksp 1.2.2. Also I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to Gemfx other than knowing how to get it setup for 1.1.3, which I thought would be the same for 1.2.2 but apparently not. Perhaps @hellblazer has had it working with 1.2.2, if so then maybe it's not gemfx. I'll have to look into it.
  4. Damn, I have have absolutely no idea about licences. I feel dumb as heck, because I just can't get it. I thought you just upload and let people download.
  5. Sorry mate, wasn't my intention to cause conflict. What i used was your scatterer settings for all planets other than earth because they looked neat. Any chance you could give me a rough idea on what to do, I have no-idea about license files or anything, I just uploaded this so people could stop asking me for it on youtube. I can remove the planet settings if you want, or include your name and link where ever, you can have the whole front page if you want. I'm sorry and should have asked first. Cheers.
  6. That's the way Hellblazer likes it, and in his videos it does look awesome. Actually a lot of people have requested the light blue look, I think it's because people want what they see in the movies. However I made the mod to look like this: It's a little bit more of a darker blue. I don't have a full shot of earth though. You can fiddle around with the ocean texture and make it darker or lighter to suit what you like.
  7. It could work with a bit of shifting around. The main issue is with getting all the scatterer configs shifted over to a newer version. It might be simple if scatterer hasn't really changed much. I'll look into it.
  8. Updated the 1.2.2 download link on the front page. Here it is - [Download link removed by moderator] Adjusted night lights (not as bright), Removed earths weird night side glow, semi fixed scatterer (still slight issue with jupiter and saturn)
  9. Nope. E.T is it’s own. However I did get a bit of help from rssve and have incorporated some of it into e.t.
  10. I highly doubt that you're a twat, because I think the issue is on my side again lol. Honestly I've never looked at any of the other planets, my focus has always been just on earth. So I really should check it out and update the mod. I do have an idea what the issue may be. I didn't add any scatterer settings to those planets, so it might be causing a problem.
  11. Hmm I think it's an error on my part. Go into GameData\E.T.O\Clouds.cfg scroll down and find OBJECT { name = MainClouds body = Earth Speed = 0,15,0 altitude = 6850 settings { _DetailScale = 40 _DetailDist = 0.4 _DistFadeVert = 0.009 _Color = 654,594,564,200 _DetailTex = E.T.O/Assets/Atmosphere/Detail/Atmo _UVNoiseTex = E.T.O/Assets/Atmosphere/Detail/DetailUVNoise _UVNoiseAnimation = 0.3,0.3 _UVNoiseStrength = 0.0000001 _UVNoiseScale = 0.007 _DistFade = 0.00009 _MainTex { value = Clouds type = CubeMap } } layer2D { macroCloudMaterial { _DetailDist = 2E-06 _InvFade = 0.001 _RimDist = 0.0001 _FalloffScale = 11.5 _FalloffPow = 0.2 _RimDistSub = 1.001 _MinLight = 0.032 Under layer 2D, change the (_MinLight =) value to 0 Also find OBJECT { name = ScaledSpace body = Earth altitude = 1 speed = 0,0,0 detailSpeed = 0,0,0 settings { _Color = 215, 220,245,302 _UVNoiseStrength = 0.0000000001 _DetailTex = E.T.O/Assets/Atmosphere/Detail/Atmo _DetailScale = 1 _DetailDist = 1 _UVNoiseTex = E.T.O/Assets/Atmosphere/Detail/DetailUVNoise _UVNoiseAnimation = 0.2,0.2 _UVNoiseScale = 0.00000004 _MainTex { value = Earth type = CubeMap } } layer2D { macroCloudMaterial { _FalloffPow = 1 _FalloffScale = 1 _InvFade = 1 _MinLight = 0.05 Once again under Layer2D, change the (_MinLight =) value to 0 That should sort it out. Maybe. I'll have to update the mod and adjust it. Cheers.
  12. This is what your game should look like from launch, if it’s installed right. Sorry for the piece of poop rocket in the vid lolol Yeah you’re right, the clouds do look stinky at low altitudes. The reason why is because the textures don’t fully kick in until 170km. I’m going to try change that. Also eto does have 64k land textures, but they also don’t kick in until 170km. I want to try get them to kick in at maybe 100km and also give the clouds a little fluff up.
  13. I have exactly what’s included in the 1.2.2 mod download. I have whatever module manager ckan gives me. I use the 64bit version. I downloaded the 1.2.2 version of ksp an hour ago. First thing I installed was ckan, then used ckan to download RSS and 8k RSS textures. I then downloaded my 1.2.2 mod version from here and extracted everything into my game data folder(eve, eto, scatterer, distant obj enha.. etc) you have to use the versions within the download, if you already have eve or scatterer in your game data, delete it. I then started the game with no launch options, just normal start and it runs. Also increase your virtual memory any way, I also have 16gigs and it wouldn’t run properly until I increased my VM (weird I know) now I have no blue sphere. I increased the min value to 4096, then max to 4097. You will have to wait till I finish my sleep to try help you more. Cheers
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