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  1. Do this still work with RP-1?
  2. Hey, OK,Thank you, I will try it. EDIT: It doesn't seem to work in the newest RP-1 (v1.12.18). I can't find the parts. Not in the tech tree and not in the parts lists. Maybe @MacLuky can help here?
  3. Hey @zer0Kerbal, Thank you for this great mod! But I can't find it on CKAN, is there a problem? And does somebody know if this is (fully) working with the newest RP-1 (v1.12.18)?
  4. Hey @MacLuky and @zer0Kerbal, Thank you for your work! Is there somewhere an updated working RP-1 version of this mod?
  5. Thank you! Thanks to the nice people in the RO/RP-1 Discord, I now use this MM patch:
  6. Hello @jimmymcgoochie, @Haukifile, @New Horizons, @cinemagic, Maybe one of you can help me? Does somebody here have a MM patch or can help me make one, to add BonVoyage to my RP-1 savegame? I think what is missing is a MM patch to add the "Bon Voyage Controller" (+ Upgrades) to the tech tree and the parts list.
  7. I installed it yesterday and it worked without a problem. Can you share some screenshots or logs, so that we can help you?
  8. Ok, Thank you. But that means that they still work in RP-1, just that they don't have a correct price and tech tree insert?
  9. Hey @tylerraiz, Cool Engines. Do they work in a new RP-1 career or do I have to change something? And the same question for your other great mods: EDB-RealRockets / EDB Planes / Small Rockets / VentureStar ?
  10. Hello, Sorry for my maybe stupid questions, but I didn't play any RSS/RO/RP-0/RP-1 since 2020 and english is only my third language. And I want to play a new (long) RP-1 (v1.12.18) Career and maybe you can point me to some answers? Does somebody here, know if this mods work with RP-1 (v1.12.18)? Or do I have to change something to show this parts in the TechTree or lists, for example "noRO"/"noRP1"/"wip" settings? - EDB-RealRockets / EDB Planes / Surestrut Engines / Small Rockets / VentureStar [ https://github.com/tylerraiz?tab=repositories ] - Augmented Reality - BonVoyage - Docking Port Descriptions - EVA Struts - Final Frontier - Grond's Micrometeorite Shield Mod - Indicator Lights - Indicator Lights Community Extensions - KERBAL MEDALS (for FINAL FRONTIER) - KSP Alternate Resource Panel - ReCoupler - SafeChute - Surface Mounted Lights - Throttle Controlled Avionics - Tracking Lights - Tracking Station Ambientlight
  11. Hey @Well, Is this great mod compatible with Kerbalism, JNSQ and Rational Resources?
  12. Hey @Efour, @zer0Kerbal, @Atlas Gaming, @opensomersault, @danbadone, Is there still this Problem with Kerbalism? And if so, did somebody find a solution to it or is the "Patch" still the only solution?
  13. Hey @AmanitaVerna, What Engines/RCS/etc are you using for this method? And could you please write here if you succeed with your plan?
  14. Hey, Could this bug be, because of Kerbalism?
  15. Hey @AmanitaVerna, Did you succeed in mining the Asteroids? Or did you find something to "repair" this behavior?
  16. Hey @JadeOfMaar, OK, thank you. But I think there is something wrong or I'm just blind: Here are the Logs+MM-Cache: https://tancredi.nl/logs_scanner.zip Can somebody, please help me?
  17. Hey @JadeOfMaar, thank you, for your fast response! So there are other resources on the asteroids? I only saw Ore... Which Scanner do I have to use to see other resources besides Ore on asteroids?
  18. Hey @The-Doctor, @JadeOfMaar, @flart, If you can only mine Ore (+Rock) from Asteroids, how do you convert Ore (/Rock) into other things? I can only find a conversion to Carbon and the Regolith conversion, but I would like a conversion to "Extraplanetary Launchpads" resources or metals or so... (If it helps: I use almost all RR extras and play with JNSQ+RR+Kerbalism+EL)
  19. Hey, sorry, it was my error, it was "Space Dust" (and so "FFT"), not "System Heat" with JNSQ (+RR): (Still a problem for me, I like "FFT" and "System Heat", but I want to try a (long-time) space colonizing Game with JNSQ+RR+Kerbalism...) But I read that "System Heat" still have problems with "Kerbalism"... > But if you got JNSQ+RR+Kerbalism to work with Space Dust+SystemHeat+FFT, I would be really pleased to hear about it!
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