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  1. Hello, I would like to remove the corona around Kerbol. Is that possible and if yes, then how can I do it?
  2. Ok, just going to revert to 1.4.3. Also, does anyone know if OPM 1.4.2 works with 1.4.3 Kopernicus?
  3. Is there any way to disable the version lock? I would like to at least try Kopernicus in 1.4.4...
  4. So, if you want to report an KSP solar eclipse expedition, feel free to add it here (even if the gods of modding added some clouds) I will add some too. My first time trying to observe a solar eclipse from the ground, actually, from the polar circle! How can you yourself observe it from these areas? Just add the Mun some inclination (if I'm not mistaken, I added an inclination of 5.5). It was a "bit" cloudy, but Jeb managed to image something. After the eclipse, Jeb observed the beautiful northern lights. Location: 71.116 °N 80.001 °E Eclipse itself: Jeb after the eclipse: Aurora that night:
  5. Oh, I get it now. Anyways, the images you made for the book are just awesome.
  6. Also, on mountaintops of small islands like Mauna Kea or La Palma (where some big observatories are located), there can be seeing good enough to resolve a disc with a diameter of only 0.4", using lucky imaging. Also, kerbals may have invented adaptive optics, reducing the seeing limit to nearly zero (it is not so extremely perfect) The only limiting thing then is the optical resolution, given by a telescopes aperture.
  7. I've been recently cleaning up my imgur for real astrophotographical intent, so I have probably deleted it.
  8. A book would be amazing! If it were to be made, would it be free?
  9. I'm assuming that you took the albedo from the real-life counterparts, right?
  10. My newest videos of a Moho transit and a simultaneous Eve and Mun transit. Used Tarsier Space Tech.
  11. How did you calculate the apparent magnitude?
  12. Other than that suggestion about new moon/moons, I have nothing to say. OPM seems to work fine even though it's for 1.2.1, I just love the new planets, especially Sarnus.
  13. I also wish you good luck, I have only visited Jool once, Sarnus seems a lot more beautiful to me, so once in a month I send a mission there. I suggest some mods that scale up the distance of moons in Joolian system, unexpected encounters will be very rare with that. For electrics, I suggest the Near Future Electrical mod, and for bodies and antennas I suggest the Probes Plus mod. If you want to get some science once you are there, install DMagic Science Mod. I hope that helps.
  14. The Sarnus Pathfinder, launched almost five years ago, finally arrived at Saturn, unfortunately not staying there and leaving the entire Kerbol system. It was possible to achieve such speeds by ultra close Slate and Eeloo flybies, which gave it enough speed. All of them were perfectly planned, unfortunately, close Tekto flyby was impossible. During the slingshots, Pathfinder was able to capture stunning firsts of Sarnus system up close. It even found a completely new moon, designated Sarnus IV, the official name is still to come. Here are some of the best captures: Distant Tekto: Gigantic Slate: The newly discovered moon, Sarnus IV: And the last, but not the least, amazing ice moon, Eeloo: The upcoming mission, Sarnus Explorer, will be a brand new mission on its own, and it will explore the Sarnus system for a lot longer, staying on Sarnusian orbit. The mods used are OPM, its dependencies and Hullcam VDS Continued Oh, and also, may Chuck Berry, the one and only rock and roll father rest in peace.
  15. I would suggest a moon that the dev could add (if he wants to). What about something like Pan or Atlas, a "squished ball" with a very huge equatorial ridge? I would love to see that, they are my most favorite moons. Hale is nice but just lacks that beauty
  16. I would like to do add a K-corona, extending up to 10 Kerbol radii from the center.
  17. I actually know about all these mods, and I use all of them, but I mean something more like X-ray or Gamma-ray telescopes.
  18. Hello, will you add a corona analog? Or, if I want to add it myself, how can I do it? I see lots of different numbers in config that I don't understand. (next to pressure in pressure curve and temperature in temperature curve)
  19. Hi, does anybody know about a mod that adds real space telescopes? I would love to have Fermi, Chandra, Spitzer, Kepler, HST and so on in my install, but I can't seem to find any.
  20. Oh and will you be adding OSIRIS-REx once it is at Benu?