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  1. Workaround: Delete one link between nodes and click arrange nodes again. Now it makes two rows. Relink the nodes.
  2. To recreate: Make about 20 dialogue messages and link them together one after another. Click "Arrange Nodes" and see how all of the boxes do not fit on the screen and are unreachable.
  3. I made a simple mission with about 30 linear nodes. Then I clicked "arrange nodes" and the rightmost nodes are off the screen, unreachable. Seriously no one has never clicked that button to test if it works...?
  4. Required parts and kerbals are easy to set, but I want to make a mission "take this pre-made satellite to orbit, but you must build a launch vehicle yourself". How to?
  5. I was aiming at the weight only, not other scorings... Must add more cost to have a better score! https://imgur.com/a/JdrU9 download Hepokatti Score: 13425 / 4.994^2 * 10 = 5382,9112
  6. Yeah, sorry. I can see everything fine on my computer, but on my phone the pics are quite black. I'll try to remember to adjust the brightness.
  7. Speed about 1930m/s, altitude about 64km. Could do better with a bigger fuel tank. Also I forgot to add batteries so there was no steering of the ejector. And of course no parachutes, they are for amateurs. Album I'm not sure if this is legit or not, I'm not offended if you decide to disqualify my entry.
  8. Thank you for the badges and debriefings! I was thinking about more mission ideas: -exploration boat to Eve - pro will be to make the shuttle itself amfibious -some big station on Minmus, requires to assemble things when landed -wrong address! -Go to Duna station, pick up the imaginary something and bring it to Laythe ground station -drop something somewhere... Dropping things - intact - is always fun -Moho. Obviously something at Moho. Just some ideas.
  9. My Jool trip was successful with a bigger rocket. While I was at it, I also left a plane hangar on Laythe. All gravity assists were done without calculating anything. Just get to an orbit and wait. It took some time, but there was enough snacks. For example the trip from Laythe to Kerbin was something like: Laythe - Tylo - Duna - Duna - Duna - Duna - Kerbin - Duna - Kerbin - Kerbin - Kerbin - Duna - Kerbin aerobrake and a bit of boost - five times around Kerbin with aerobraking - Landing. My F5 and F9 keys are wearing out. Oh and this one was done without joystick... And all the atmospheric crafts were really twitchy to fly... ARGH!!! Modlist: Mechjeb, Mechjeb for all, Better time warp, (Hyperedit not used but installed)
  10. I have a suggestion: -No wings allowed -No engines can be used after apoapsis of more than 100km -Only the kerbal needs to survive, craft can break -more tweaking....?
  11. I'm proud to present another failure! This time we're failing at Laythe. It would've been a success, but I brought the wrong version of my ...ahem... "outpost" with me. This has only one seat, the correct version was similiar, but had four. Also the final approach to Kerbin was too fast, but I didn't bother to do more gravity assists to brake´, since this was a failure anyways. Get your poopcorns, and see the slideshow! Unintentional typo, but I'm not gonna correct that.
  12. And the second trip to Duna... Not a very pleasant one, I have to say. Firtstly I had to adjust the launch vehicle a LOT to get the launch straight(ish) up. I did the Duna aerobraking about ten times to get it right. I detached my cargo (rcs fuel for the station) and got it ALMOST docked until the batteries died. So there was a station without rcs fuel but plenty of electricity, and the fuel tanks with plenty of rcs fuel about 3 meters apart of each other. I did rescue the situation by docking the shuttle to the rcs fuel tank and docking the rcs tank to the station then... Then I went to do the landing - and failed - and I didn't remember to save before. I deleted the screenshots (stupid) and did the rcs docking quickly without incidents. Oh yeah I had to do every trick I know to get the Duna landing to happen. At least ten tries, usually crashing, going too much nose down. Finally I did it, the shuttle bounced, rolled and exploded.... and F9 and continue to try. Finally it worked. Going up from Duna is not hard, if you bring enough fuel. I did, barely. I did have to try the liftoff a couple of times to get to orbit. Oh, and next time, bring a pilot.... Rest of the mission went well. The mission itself is not that hard, I think I made it hard by making such a bad shuttle. But it was fun. One left, I think?
  13. Duna mission done without quickloads. ...yes I did many quicksaves, but I didn't have to load once. Edit: mod list: Mechjeb, Mechjeb for all
  14. Rules are rules. But yeah, I know what you mean. I'll add another category for gimmicks.
  15. And now when the limit (for me) is found at just under 240km, let's think outside the box. 248413m
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