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  1. Not the first one, but the earliest one I remember clearly. I was using a life support mod for the first time and had Jeb in orbit for a contract. Time warped too far and he perished after running out of supplies. I wanted to bring the spacecraft back down, but it had no probe core so I had to send up Valentina and newly recruited kerbal. They docked with Jeb's craft and poor Val had to transfer over and sit next to her friend's dead body as she and the new recruit undocked and landed the two crafts separately. It was a most somber experience.
  2. Granted I'm just guessing here, but from the looks of it the mod supports several versions of KSP by having TrajectoriesBootstrap.dll load the .bin file for whichever version you're running (for me, it's Trajectories16.bin since I'm on 1.6.1). By renaming the file, you're basically bypassing the bootstrap and unless it does more than just load the .bin it should work. But as I said, this is just me guessing. I haven't really looked into it properly.
  3. Awesome! Thank you. I was using the Spacedock link from the OP. Should've thought to check github too.
  4. With recent versions of the mod running on KSP 1.6.1, the Jettison LES funtion doesn't seem to work. I tested with a clean install and no other mods. When I try to jettison the tower, either through staging or by right-click and selecting 'Jettison LES', the game throws an error in the log and nothing happens. I tried installing the mod both manually and via CKAN (the latter shows it as compatible with 1.6.1). The older 1.4.1 version of the mod works with KSP 1.6.1 and there seems to be no problems with the newer ones on KSP 1.7 so I guess it could have to do with which version of the game the mod is compiled against.
  5. Unfortunately, this mission report has come to an abrupt end after the hard drive in my computer decided to light itself on fire the other day. Not much I can do about it I'm afraid. The drive is completely fried (it took two days to get the smell of charred plastic out of the room) and I don't have a recent backup of the save file. R.I.P. hard drive 2008 - 2019
  6. Landing on another world can be dangerous. Venture TM-4/MLV-5, trouble on the Mun Peabody Flight 4, final test flight Venture TM-5, second crew rotation End of Year Report (Y9)
  7. Kerbonaut Seepond hard at work. Venture TM-2, return to the Mun Emprise II, space station operations
  8. Venture T-8 orbiting Kerbin. Nomad 1, roving around on Minmus SET-31 and 32, testing a simplified lander Relayer Mu-A, Mu-B and Mu-C, new relay network Venture T-7, tests and training Mapper 9, Minmus scanner Emprise II, space station operations
  9. Expanding the roster; pilots Jopont, Luwell and Lomal, engineers Tatiana and Catbur, scientists Lembas, Verger and Sivin. Benchmark and Velocity, the old and the new Quest 13, resupplying Emprise II Mapper 7 and 8, continued exploration of Kerbin and the Mun Peabody Flight 3, third time's the charm? Venture TM-1, testing an improved spacecraft
  10. The main parachutes of Endeavour 1 fully deployed. Endeavour 1, suborbital hop Peabody Flight 2, second test flight Venture T-6, first crew rotation End of Year Report (Y8)
  11. Great to see this function added to stock. Especially with the option of removing the neck ring. Like others on here, I hope that the backpack and parachute will become removable too.
  12. Peabody shuttlepod early during reentry. Peabody Flight 1, first mission for the shuttlepod Venture T-5, construction work in space SET-28 through 30, continued testing of Endeavour
  13. Note: At his point in the game, I moved the save over to a KSP 1.4.5 install. Everything seems to be working fine so far. I lost some mods (mostly visual) and added a few new ones. I also installed the Making History expansion. Katbus and Janson on EVA. Venture T-3 and T-4, replacement spacecraft Emprise II, space station operations SET-26 and 27, testing a Mun lander
  14. First flight of Venture T. SilverDart, exploring Kerbin's tundra Venture T-1, first flight of the new design SET-21 through 25, Endeavour spacecraft tests Venture T-2, tourist flight