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  1. But can't you accomplish the same thing better under linux by using a symbolic link from one filename to the other instead of copying the entire program?
  2. I should have been clearer. I know XSP.x86 and KSP.x86_64 are different. My question was why KSP.x86 and Launcher.x86 are identical (according to a diff command).
  3. I've just downloaded the KSP zipfile for linux, unzipped it and launched KSP. All working fine so far. But I've noticed that the unzipped directory contains duplicate files: a KSP.exe and Launcher.x86 that are identical, and similarly a KSP_64.exe and Launcher.x86_64 . Is there a reason for this duplication? Did a symbolic link accidentally get transformed into a real file at some point? Is it safe for me to delete one of the duplicates (which one?) and replace it with a symlink?