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  1. Ahhhh!... I thought it did before the update O.O But, now that you're saying it that way... That plane was kind of a VTOL without VTOL engines... (Or it was just a case of me creating false memories of wanted features, happens sometimes). =) Thanks for the answer. =) [I'll stick to TCA]. (Now I wonder if I should try to make a vtol with several engines pointing in different directions... O.O)
  2. Somehow I can't autopilot land. Tried to mark a point near the runway at the base, the plane started to go up O.o?, and after losing all horizontal speed, it came down like a rock until it splashed in the sea. Don't know how to locate the logs and don't know if they would help. So, anyone can try the land function in the ksc runway so I can get to know if it's a problem just in my end. =)
  3. O.O THANKS!!!! PS: That instruction works only in TCA or it's KSP based and it works on everything? O.O
  4. All these months I've been trying to get the .cfg thing done but it's impossible. Any tip?. My goal is to make the changes in the tech tree that doesn't imply creating the whole tree because it makes me problems when I use/update other mods that add parts to the tech tree.
  5. Am I the only one pressing F5 every 30 minutes?. xD
  6. I'll try. =) [Never used github before so I'll just copy someone else]. =)
  7. [Silly question I guess] Is it possible to restore "default" mode without uninstalling the mod?. I want to "w-a-s-d" thing but only in certain occasions so I can go back to stock-not-modded-mode (?) easily. Tried some of the switches and clicks in the mod window without result, is it possible (even)?. =)
  8. I'm in the same boat. This, mechjeb, scansat, RPM, Remotetech and Chatterer are my "Don't play without this" mods. =P Though the list goes on (Betterburntime, and several others, but those are my cores).
  9. What's the name of the successor? O.O I want it, I want it!. I'm still unable to get my "100% needed" setup of MODs updated [Esentially, RPM+Chatterer+KAS+MJ2+RT2+SCANSAT+Tweakscale+TCA] so maybe I'd try something new =).
  10. That *ALWAYS* happens, I can't play KSP waiting for the mods to be updated. =/ Even if I don't update the game, the mods themselves aren't. =(
  11. Ah, thanks!. mmm... was wondering if there was a way to Mod it to being in the "Mechjeb RPM" style... Also wondering if there was possible to config a "Radio" menu (Chatterer sound-style) to send Crew reports and science to KSC. Though I'm wondering if in KSP we achieve a "MOD state" where "If it doesn't exist, it's because it's just impossible to make".
  12. [Stupid question of the day I guess] Is there any MOD or option where we can "make parts to function" from IVA using RPM?. (Aka: Collecting and transmitting science). =)
  13. Hi!, stupid question I guess but is there any "easy" way to put all functions of this MOD at the start of the tech tree?. =)