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  1. A question that has troubled me for a long time. Is KSP a DX11, DX12 or a OpenGL game? And also, can you force KSP to run in openGL?
  2. Was making a ship for warp drive but the fusion reactor woulnd't start. i got all the fuel and chose the correct mode but it never started up.
  3. Even on a cloudy day in real life, some sunlight illuminates the ground and the cloud has been illuminated by sunlight. However, the Enviromental Visual Enhancenments mod adds clouds with rather low transparency, leaving large, dark shadows over the terrain. Is it possible to adjust the transparecy of the clouds?
  4. i got everything installed correctly, but it still didnt work. Whats the matter now?
  5. Currently i have the mod installed, but the nukes dont have those mushroom clouds. What is the problem?
  6. Please, don't remove the community based content! A lot of mods were created independntly and it brings great diversity to this game. plus the guys behind the mods worked lot too! Hoping for more good content! Thanks, devs!
  7. as well as trim, flaps should be added used to press yaw control buttons to correct small errors when it comes to landing on the runway, however whole plane wobbles and literally f*cks up. Nice idea there dr.phees!
  8. hmm... I wonder if there will be versions in different languages. namely spanish, chinese, etc... Here i thank all of the squad team behind the scenes to make this cool and addicting game!
  9. Definitely agree. The ksp team once thought of adding an asteroid belt but ended up dropping it because It caused a performance problem on computers and replaced it with Dres. I think that the ksp team should add more planets in the outer reaches of the current star system. Planets with tens of moons, each with geysers and cool geology. Having only cool as the only gas giant makes ksp less entertaining due to the limitations of exploration in the system. In my view, I suggest that the ksp team to add 2-3 planets in the outer regions and a additional asteroid belt. Given the size of adding a ne
  10. Thanks for replying here! I hope that this discussion will enhance our experience of aerobraking and re-entry as well as a reminder of those who are new to the game.
  11. with the new inflatable heat shield in 1.1, it is time to test it. The Challenge: re-enter kerbin's atmospere, from interplanetary space or normal missions, with a velocity of 20km/s with a crew capsule and habitation modules, plus an attached service module for a parachute spalshdown. tips; attach the service module at the top of the crew capsule/hab with the heat shield at the bottom.
  12. multiple fairing parts will be good, given that the new fairings have different tweakable limits
  13. Where is the microwave beamed power transmitter? I can only find the receiver. P.S. my version of the mod 1.8.25 for ksp 1.1.2
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