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  1. Thank you! Would you mind adding the KSPedia link to the OP for easy access? Also, I'm really enjoying BARIS so far. I'm keeping track of my missions and seeing the various failures as a rocket is being tested is pretty cool.
  2. Event cards seem pretty frequent, especially when time warping to finish building a crazy. Do they occur after a certain number of days?
  3. I like the idea of a reusable space plane or shuttle, but I'm crap at building ether, so for now I design boosters which are fully recoverable. FMRS is my friend.
  4. If you are ok with just not seeing the parts, Janitor's Closet would help.
  5. "Are you still there?"
  6. @CatastrophicFailure bro, you say what I think.
  7. I would love to see pics of this. I've debated doing something similar, but never came up with anything worth using.
  8. I love how he walks away: like a boss.
  9. Yes, and I'm so used to the banding in the sky that I didn't even notice, lol.
  10. Time paradoxes are fun to contemplate. The most heated argument I've ever had with my wife was about time travel, lol.
  11. @blorgon I'll send her the link My personal favorite bit is when the camera keeps its relative angle with the rover during descent. Second is watching the stage separation early in the video. My only criticism, if you could even call it that: It would be cool to see the rover moving during the timelapses. The type of movement best suited would be a robotic arm taking samples or a chem cam. Of course, without the rover being equipped, that's not possible. I also expect this would be hard to pull off without it looking goofy.
  12. @blorgon I finally had a chance to watch your video (I read the forums on my phone, so it's not always appropriate) and I must say, I love your camera angles. The music fits well with the shots in showing the desolation and/or loneliness of Duna. I may have to show my sister this video as I think she'd like the camera shots too (she's a film student and has an eye for that type of thing). I look forward to your next video!
  13. @Ultimate Steve I presume you're using KCT, if so, I've noticed that the larger launchpads take longer to roll out to. Because of this, I currently have a level 3 and a level 2 launchpad (I plan on adding a third pad in the morning). I would recommend something similar for emergencies like this.
  14. Oh, I am aware of that. I installed Principia just to see how stable it was, and a favorite little body collided with it's parent. KSP is first and foremost a game, and I think that the GPP crew did a great job creating a level of beauty and realism while maintaining the fun of the game.
  15. ^ this is why I play with GPP