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  1. @JadeOfMaar I figured it was a slim chance of animation, but I had to ask Correct me if I'm misunderstanding, but essentially the EM field is for magnetic confinement? Didn't know that could be used for thermal control. Will have to look into that. Thanks
  2. @JadeOfMaar it looks gorgeous! I like the nod to the SABRE engine and can see the inspiration there. Please take these questions as curiosities and not requests as I know you're swamped and a bit burnt out as well. Since this is inspired by the SABRE, will the shock cone move forward when closed to create a more aerodynamic profile (if that's even possible in ksp) or will you keep it static? Also, what is the purpose of the EM field?
  3. @juanml82 you sure you did the install correctly? I've found that if I have an issue related to the mod, I usually missed a step. @Chilkoot I have not, it's quite a ways away from where I lived. I do miss hiking/camping/generally being outdoors there.
  4. @Chilkoot ah, I was born and raised there. Fun stuff! Also glad you got that bit with Karbonite figured out.
  5. @Chilkoot I can verify that the low altitude scoop works just fine when deployed as @JadeOfMaar described. May also want to ensure you have some electricity being generated somewhere on the craft. I usually have a karbolectric generator on board if I am running karbonite scoops and karbonite engines. Also, you're not Alaskan by chance are you?
  6. kraden

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Press escape and click "save game". The name you chose for the career will be listed, just change it and click save. Then when you need to select a different one to load from, press escape and select "load game" and you will have the name you had been using before, your most recentquick save, and whatever you recently saved as. As an example, my load options on a single save are: Xpanse, temp, temp 2, quicksave. Xpanse is the career save, temp and temp 2 are for when I'm testing something, and then of course the quicksave. If something goes wrong in a temp or quicksave I can fall back on Xpanse, which I overwrite whenever a mission is completed and I feel like it's a good saving point. If this doesn't answer your question then I may not be understanding your dilemma.
  7. I always set up relay systems around bodies and then use the small antennas such as these on the manned craft. It makes it cheaper, smaller, and easier to build. I for one am quite thrilled for the new look these antennas are getting.
  8. @lunaris69 Yeah, it can be tough, but I imagine doing it in real life isn't easy either. I can totally change the settings per usual, just with the exception of listing veterans. It might be a bit cheaty, but you could change your settings for the duration of a single mission. And fyi, I am a bit of a glutton for punishment. Among other things I also play in 2.5 scale and use deadly reentry.
  9. @lunaris69 I use both, but I never set my veterans up with different settings, so it's never really mattered to me. As far as "not fully work[ing]". Both mods are quite significant and change the game drastically. There are probably other bits that don't work quite right, it's just that no one has noticed, or they aren't game breaking. The mods weren't built for each other, they just compliment each other well. Suffice it to say, the mods work fine, you just likely can't have vets.
  10. Wait... you mean life doesn't have a heads up display?
  11. I'll join you! I'm on vacation though, so it may be a week.
  12. Sorry, sure. The only part of the mod that is working for me is the container that holds additional ignitions. All engines still have infinite re-lights. EDIT: So, I must have had an issue with the download because I just re-downloaded and reinstalled, and it's working.