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  1. @Paul Kingtiger I second this. Never thought of it but it sounds fantastic! Only issue I can think of is what all you could fit in there besides a probe core. Not sure the satellite would be capable of much.
  2. Yeah, I ended up finding that after my post I get the dissatisfaction with stock. I have two versions of ksp, one with GPP at 2.5x for that very reason, and the other is RO with RP-1 because I hate myself and my computer apparently.
  3. @JadeOfMaar For some reason I am unable to "like" anything on the forum, so just know that I like that craft . Why 2.7x scale, by the way?
  4. @Misucat without parachutes, do your sounding rockets burn up on entry? I always had the parachute deploy in the lower atmosphere and that worked for me. Any parachute deployed to high up will burn or get destroyed by aero forces. The atmosphere is too thin for the parachute to slow down enough before being destroyed.
  5. One easy way to check to see if it's working is to look at your apogee and perigee while on orbit. If they are changing slightly without thrust, that's because pricipia is working and the moon, sun, Jupiter, etc are affecting your orbit.
  6. I'm fairly certain that is principia as well. I have it installed on my RO install and I get the same thing. If you open principia and change the reference frame to something else (ship I think) it'll look like you're used to.
  7. @Gremillion to what are you referring?
  8. @Dale Christopher in RO you need to get to 140km to be in space. The atmosphere thins out drastically past a certain point which is why you were able to circularize. You may notice that your time warp still acts like in-atmo and that your periapsis and apoapsis are slowly decaying. I'd love to know how long your craft can remain there before significant altitude drop!
  9. You can try it, but you might find bugs. If you don't want bugs then just use 1.6.1. (looks like you may speak Mandarin so hopefully google doesn't let me down with this.) 你可以试试,但你可能会发现错误。如果您不想要错误,那么只需使用1.6.1。
  10. I don't think this would help @meeware's problem. IIRC, if something breaks with Dangit! and you need to fix it, you have to go EVA and select the part to repair. I'm pretty sure there's a setting to not have to go EVA, but if you're looking for that bit of realism then I understand not wanting to use something like that setting, Ship Manifest, or Part Commander. As a recommendation, you could put the bay doors on action groups or just leave them unlocked and open them manually as you mentioned.
  11. @AstralWither You don't have much in the way of Yaw control (unless I'm missing something). How is the sideslip? Nice, practical-looking craft by the way.
  12. @AstralWither 7 posts above yours is your answer, quoted here so you have it handy: The long answer is that no one has heard from the mod developer in quite a while, so it's unlikely we'll get an official update. That being said, @JadeOfMaar being awesome, has done some things to keep this mod working. Follow his instructions above on what to install and you should be good. Also, check out the showroom (below) for inspiration as well as a fun space to post your own spaceplanes!
  13. If anyone cares for my two cents on this, I'd prefer that it stay how it is. I intentionally lock bays occasionally if they don't have anything that I need to access in flight, like batteries. I like the aesthetic and it's nice to only have the correct bays available to open.
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