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  1. Yeah! I'd love to go again, I only live like 2 hours away. I might buy the annual pass at some point.
  2. Watching Das stream at the KSC was awesome. I love that place.
  3. ULA pack sounds cool - and looking forward to the ICT.
  4. PogChamp That looks incredible... REALLY fast development too.
  5. That looks awesome and sounds good. Good luck.
  6. Virtual

    Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    Ah, I see. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Virtual

    Blue Origin Thread (merged)

    I haven't seen anything regarding the crew escape system. I'm assuming it's similar to the Dragon 2 capsule... but I'm not sure. I haven't seen a discussion on this so I figured I'd start it.
  8. Awesome. Can't wait to fly it in KSP! Is it possible to have the booster land where it was when it launched like in the video?
  9. Virtual

    Hi, I'm Virtual! :D

    Hi! I've browsed a lot - just haven't posted. Sounds cool, but I like KSP being space travel... I have Battlefield/CS:GO for FPS. Thanks!
  10. Virtual

    Hi, I'm Virtual! :D

    I'm a huge space enthusiast. I live in Florida and have yet to see a rocket launch up close... one day! (Hopefully the Falcon Heavy.) I usually mess around with prebuilt rockets in sandbox mode but I've recently been trying out career mode. It's fun. I mainly play first person shooter games but Kerbal Space Program is easily one of my favorite games.
  11. Virtual

    Red Dragon confirmed!!

    Yeah! I haven't listened to it yet but more details is always exciting! Thanks for the link.
  12. Awesome mod! This is very nice with the launch towers mod as well.