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  1. I'll take care of it sometime in the future, thanks. I guess so xD Also, thread has misleading title at this point, maybe mods should rename/delete it?
  2. Okay, I've found something nice: After opening service bay (where monoprop tanks were hidden) everything started working. I felt pretty stupid at this point, I'd never expect that closing a bay cuts fuel flow from inside. So I've made some tests, and I got it. For some reason, putting rcs thrusters on the top (or bottom) edge of 2.5m bay renders them useless when bay is closed (as they were inside), and this is not the case of 1.25m service bay (they always work while outside). This is not intended, right? For me, the problem is kinda resolved (I can maneuver with doors open), though it would be nice if this was fixed in next versions of KSP. (Also, it would feel awesome to actually contribute something to this game!) Thank You very much for Your support, have a nice one. Cheers, BigGuy
  3. Stock KSP, newest steam version (v1.1.2.1260), files validated, in both x32, x64 version not working. Win10. Are there any logs that could be helpful in this case?
  4. Hello, guys! I don't usually post on forums, I prefer to plow through google's answers first. When the answer is not there, I consider my problem unsolve'able However, this time the thing feels so dumb, and I believe there must be a way to resolve this. So. Every time, when I attach both standard monopropellant thrusters and vernor engines, thruster simply stop reacting to any commands. Can't simply turn them on as the game says they're not disabled or anything. What is happening, is this intended? Can I fix it while on orbit? Cheers, BigGuy