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  1. As soon as I heard your message come through, it picked it up... are you magic or something? Thanks for the help!
  2. Nothing, both features that you mentioned (which I didn't even notice before and are pretty cool btw) worked just fine, but it just won't load the system. It read my thrusters and my propellants properly. It seems like it read everything but my system
  3. I'm having issues connecting my RSS system to TOT. I'm using the latest release found in the install instructions on the OP. I have the gamedata portion copied and pasted into my install's gamedata, but whenever I click File -> Create New Bodies from KSP, even while the game is running in a flight scene as it instructed, I get the error saying that it couldn't pull from it. Is anyone else having similar issues and/or ways to solve it?
  4. Ok, I'll try it. Edit: @Tristonwilson12It appears that the Landing strip and the actual Ksc mesh stay where they are after a reload, but the rest don't
  5. Is there any way to edit the default spawn positions for the models? I'm getting it to work in SSRSS, but their positions are for RSS scale so I end up having to move them every time I load the game
  6. I'm not a programmer by any stretch, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but would there be a way to make a blanket config to add a certain amount of hypergolic fluid and igniters to all engines, specifically modded ones, and then pick and choose the ones you want to make differently?
  7. Do said screenshots have to be in the stock solar system? I have some with the outer planets pack and I think Stock Size RSS
  8. Imagine that moment when NASA says goodbye and terminates contact, what capcom is like. And imagine how Mike Collins feels alone in the CSM. I think we could get a movie out of this stuff
  9. @CobaltWolf how do you feel about the "making history" expansion recently announced? Personally your mod with Tantares are always staples of my career games and will continue to be
  10. Where in the world is the extendable RL10? I've spent a good 10 min combing through the VAB menu and cant find it Edit: Did some config searching and found it. Why tease us and put it in the tech tree and not give it in game?
  11. What pad is currently being worked on? Is there a roadmap somewhere for this?
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