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  1. Well, the pressure's on now I guess. Anyway, that was taken with a pair of LF-9 "Colossus" magnetoplasmadynamic engines from nertea's near future stuff, packed with enough lithium to make a few million batteries. Unfortunately, that number was taken with lithium tanks everywhere, including the entire cargo bay. More of a "how much can I get out of this", since the Artemis is grounded for the time being, and was only serving as a testbed in the aforementioned image (and the fact that I don't have KER yet). Unfortunately, the new shuttle isn't quite ready yet. It's still being built from the ground up, with 0% of it being comprised of OPT engines. It is planned to have at least four "Repulsor" (i think that's what they're called) pulsed inductive thrusters (again from near future tech), which, provided you have sufficient power generation and heat management capabilities (to balance both additional heat output from the engines and the reactor to power it), can give you up to 9380 ISP. I can't say much else about the design of the new shuttle, or what engines it'll use since it's still not completed, and probably won't be for a week or so, IRL stuff has been and still is happening. As the design evolves I'll try to message you things about it to avoid cluttering up the thread more, if that's alright with you.
  2. Completely understandable. Of course, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't prepared for a scenario like this and already have a redesign ready... one with even more dv since ions are still a thing. Although I have to ask... can I still use the wing mounted engines for their jet capabilities? That's the one thing I don't currently have a replacement for on the redesign.
  3. Sure, no problem. I never really thought about it much, since they're just default engines from the OPT/OPT legacy mod. (it's one of the two) IIRC, the four wing-mounted engines have an ISP of 2000 in a vacuum with a maximum thrust of 600 kn, but the efficiency nosedives hard once you get into an atmosphere. But, the two "main" engines at the back (the 3.75m ones) blow those ones out of the water, they have an ISP of 3000 across all altitudes, and produce 1500 kns of thrust each. So about as efficient as ion engines with none of the thrust issues. That's a lot of power! In seriousness though, I do avoid using the rear engines, unless it's a real emergency, such as imminent unplanned lithobraking.
  4. If you're talking about the crazy white lines everywhere, yes, that's still trajectories. I figured out why, using the 'body fixed mode' setting on the mod measures the orbital path from a fixed perspective of the parent orbital body, meaning that a rather simple elliptical orbit can make for some crazy looking shapes. Unless that's not what you're asking and I'm the densest person in this thread. That's because it's in the last report, the one for STS-10. It's probably moved a little bit since that was taken before I had to reland there, but the approximate location is correct. I plan on attaching the base modules to the existing base if that's possible. No magic, just lots of fuel. And good engines.
  5. I have STS-11 already ready since I do sometimes plan out things, and 12 almost complete as I post this. 11 went a lot better than 10 did, especially since I had an idea of what I was doing this time. [half-baked pun about album links] Also, about the shuttle being overkill... It kind of has to be, since I plan on making no major modifications to the general size and shape of the shuttle for the remainder of the missions.
  6. Oh, that. I really don't know how that happened, but I'm pretty sure that since trajectories measures orbits from a geocentric (or parent-body-centric, whatever) perspective, the white path represents the apparent orbital path of the craft in question. Or something. If that's not the answer you're looking for, sorry for being dumb.
  7. The paths drawn out in white is the simple trajectories mod. I looked at principia a few times, but I think my current pc would melt if I tried to run it. It didn't like interstellar either, but next pc build I might try it.
  8. Back from the dead for the time being with the first munar mission! It didn't go great, the landing needed some work, the assembly was off by a bit, and the aerocapture was sloppy at best. Regardless, I did it! Here's the album of a failure. Edit: I already have 2 done and 3 in the works before life happened, but I'll wait to post those unless you want me to post them all at once
  9. So guess who landed an asteroid. Technically, a lot of people in this challenge already did, but that's not my point. But how many of them can say they landed an E class without refueling from it? Here's the album ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few things, yes, that's two shuttles strapped to one rocket. I mean, technically it's one launch. I mean, the rules do only state one launch, not one shuttle... right? To answer your question about the inefficient launch profiles, I would simply like to quote Aperture Science, "we do what we must, because we can". And as a parting note, the crew wanted to stand on top of 2.75 kilotons of flaming asteroid and shuttle, rocking out as it plummeted towards Kerbin... we would have let them too, but... we need them later. Their names do not belong on the Black Wall yet.
  10. Well, it's a little unorthodox, but it's been about a week since my last full submission, so I'll post this one just to get it off the back burner (and to save some time in the long run). After a few days, we assembled a full station, putting the required modules together in three launches! Unfortunately, this left a bit of an issue, there was a requirement of four missions, so what to do with the last one? We put the last bit of the docking arm on the station of course. There's a handful of images at the very end of the mission showcasing a BFR (that I definitely won't use again later) transferring the crew and the three remaining modules for the docking arm. These aren't to be graded, since, well, it was launched with a straight rocket. Here it is, as a warning, it's big. 138 images big. I'm sorry. https://imgur.com/a/mCAwM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you're down here looking for clarification on the last two pictures, yes that is a class "E" asteroid. I'm going to get it in one launch. (As a note, it weights about 2.7k tons. I'm looking forward to this.)
  11. So, we tried launching our next-generation shuttle prototype, Orion but we ran into the slight problem of running out of fuel. So the next course of action was to send up a rescue mission. But then we realized that we only have one Orion, so we needed to get it back. While we didn't have a concrete plan for getting the shuttle back, a spare klaw left over from some mission we never ran accidentally got stuck on an Artemis shuttle, and the idea spread across KSC like a plague. Attach Orion to Artemis, and bring it back. And so they did. https://imgur.com/a/Cp9KF
  12. It was closer than I'd like to admit, but I want those Jool badges. (And maybe a skunkworks badge if I can pull off something really impressive. Stay tuned.)
  13. Hello there! After much frustration due to poorly designed MMUs, WASP is proud to present STS-03... done properly this time. It took four attempts, several weeks, and the entire R&D department going on strike, but we did it! https://imgur.com/a/3StpB Here's the final link to everything. Hopefully we can finally tick this one off the list. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For those who are curious (or don't want to scroll back), here's the previous attempts, compiled into one convenient area! V3: https://imgur.com/a/Aepxs Reason for failure: used 1 MMU instead of 2 V2: https://imgur.com/a/3VsWM Reason for failure: Didn't use MMUs... at all. (New shuttle reveal at the end of it, go check it out) And finally, V1: https://imgur.com/a/9pKwf Reason for failure: LOCV and didn't use MMUs. I don't really learn.
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