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  1. Figured it out on my own, I named the folder something else mistakenly and the game configs weren't pointing to it correctly. Should probably figure out KSP again before complaining
  2. See, I don't think it's that this time around. I only have 16 part mods installed in 1.3 (which is a big step down from what I used to have) and I never had that problem in 1.2.2
  3. I must have done the install wrong or something... I don't see the engine or the ramps. And an alarming amount of wings are missing too...
  4. Last thing @JadeOfMaar, on your picture here, what are those engines on either side of the aerospike? The ones that look a bit like the J-61s but not really. And that landing gear. And the "HAE-2", whatever that is. (I know this is a lot of questions but I've been all but dead for the past 6 months and more than a bit out of the loop on just about everything)
  5. hold up, those parts don't look familiar. is that a future mesh update, entirely new parts, or am i missing something important?
  6. I'm having trouble with the nuclear weapons. Can't seem to escape, no matter how far away I am from the explosion. Doesn't help the explosion sometimes always goes off in midair completely randomly. I can't even escape the 340 kt one at 20 km away.
  7. Well, I now have a module that's (mostly) in the part limit. Its only 2 over, but a parachute and drone core are necessary, considering the hitchhiker can offers no control. After rather heavily trimming down the escape module, it now offers only four exclusive seats (because there's only one right now, maybe more to come), and 99% guaranteed reentry safety (reentry safety not guaranteed). Please be aware, use of the escape module can damage the station. Use only in emergencies. Be warned, all the current stages (the three) belong to the escape pod, and pressing space will royally [redacted] you over. http://imgur.com/a/llKC1 low images because im tired as hell. Orbital explanation inbound due to a shocking lack of screenshots. @rocketbuilder, new file's up, and @53miner53, I've taken the liberty to move the old file into the old versions folder.
  8. Before my module, 91. After, 152. Overall, my module has about two thirds (!!!) as many parts as the entire station before module. Most of those parts are sepratrons, and rcs nozzles, because I didn't feel like adding a tug, and a little too far to go back and add one.
  9. Well, together that makes 31 kerbals (mine holds 20 i cant count). Paging @53miner53, do all those escape sepratrons disqualify my module?
  10. An escape module with automatic separation (the bulk of the parts are sepratrons), reentry capability and room for 16 kerbals.
  11. Maybe so, but 61 (59 not counting docking ports) miiiiiiiiiiiight be pushing it...
  12. Feck, I just noticed the "up to 5 parts" rule. I knew I missed something, now I have to do it again. Might forfeit. IDK.
  13. oh feg i wasn't paying attention school and stuff came around. i'll have it done i promise.
  14. Mind if I take a stab at this after Probodobodyne? Still have a bit of time between shuttle missions.
  15. I am the happiest (and the angriest) wrench in the world right now. STS-4 is complete, at the cost of some of my remaining sanity. After fudging the docking 2 3 8 god knows how many times and the landing twice, (i stalled and crashed into some mountains on the way back and i wanted to kill myself) but after approaching from the ocean and missing the runway by about 50 meters (its the thought that counts), and besides the point, I would have rolled off the edge of the runway so its probably for the best. I would like to apologize in advance, as the video is well over four hours, because I can't space all that good. Link: https://youtu.be/5isPTqrj7P4 Teaser trailer: Teaser poster Also, heres the STS-3 poster which got left out Lastly, celebratory soda! (too young for beer) Random fact: the other shuttle is named "Orion". Coupled with the primary shuttle Artemis, it makes for a very strange combination.
  16. Here's my submission for STS-3 (i did 1 and 2 in v3 don't worry) https://youtu.be/2WURaArG1QQ (its processing at the time of posting but its there i promise). I had huge difficulty doing the docking and actually knocked the telescope out of a circular orbit in the process (which the video confirms definitely was placed in a circular orbit and then it wast after the docking shenanigans) so i hope that counts because i probably don't have the patience to do it again. To @vladd148, how did you get those pictures like that? I've been looking around and I haven't found anything reliable.
  17. aww yiss its back. time for more pointlessly complicated missions. Just to clarify, I can start off from STS-3 (as I already did 1&2 from v3)?
  18. I'm back from the dead with possibly the most ridiculous plane I've ever designed. I present to you, the RFAX-178 Shadowsong. Most of the video is me messing around with the approaches, because I quicksaved in midair and reloaded whenever I missed, instead of running the whole mission again. VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H-rft5_oDg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ship: RFAX-177 Shadowsong Armaments: 12x JDAM Max speed: unknown Max speed during mission: 1400 m/s Cost: 127,000 Max. Dmg: 16,857,992 (wat) Time: 6:56 (416 seconds) Score: Time: (416/826)*50=99.26 Cost: (9617/127000)*20=1.5 (:/) Heat: (16857992/60209)*30=8399.73 (:O) TOTAL: 8500.49 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- as a last note: bombing without a guide is hard. shown in vid. fite me @Lonogan1.
  19. D'ya mind if i put another submission in? I wanna see if I can smash Lonogan's score.
  20. I hope its just because I did something horribly wrong during installation or an incompatible mod but none of the BigS wing boards or the two swept elevons have any lift. Also the elevons don't move. http://imgur.com/a/lpG4R Mod list (in case its something here)
  21. Is there any way to make sure the catapult doesn't slingshot the craft around when you touch it? Every time I touch the box, the wheel snaps forwards too fast, overshoots, slingshots back, overshoots, over and over and over until the plane I'm trying to launch explodes. I'm just rolling into it (>0.5 m/s). Am I doing something wrong or...?
  22. Take that 1.2.1! I got it done! *ahem* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XF-118 Phoenix: Specs Wingspan: 16.7 m Length: 16.8 m Top Speed: Unknown (Max known: 1,364 m/s [Mach 3.97]) Payload: 2x GSh-30-1 gatling guns 69(or 72 not sure)x JDAM GPS Bombs ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Score Time: 622 Sec Heat: 66156 K Cost: 68174 V(?) Entry 826/622=1.32*50=66 66156/60209=1.098*30=32.94 96617/68174=1.41*20=28.2 FINAL SCORE=127.14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overview: This challenge was fun, but the thing that hurt my score was heat. It's all well and good to have redundant amounts of munitions, but not if they don't impact simultaneously. I'll be trying this again (if you don't mind), trying to get the heat down. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Screenshots: http://imgur.com/gallery/dRnD3
  23. BDA has a "ripple" feature, or "hold down click and however much instance of that weapon is going downrange". GPS guidance saved me on the accuracy bit here. And yes, somehow, this tiny fighter-bomber can carry twice as much as the B-52. (63852.6 kg for Phoenix vs 34500 kg for B-52)