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  1. I've been working on a medium-sized multipurpose fighter/bomber/whatever. It's quite good at its job, but there are several kinks I need to work out. Stability, g-tolerance and target precision, to name a few. Yes, I said target precision. I somehow can't hit something with all these bombs. Its harder than it looks (or i'm doing it horribly wrong). (if you don't feel like counting there's 69 of 'em) Top view of the plane. Bonus shot of the bombs falling, none of which hit. I've been dealing with this for two weeks, along with random crashes (both plane and game), krakens, fr
  2. Great mod, had a blast (heh) bombing kerbin with this. Pity the nukes don't work properly right now (or i'm doing something wrong on my end, entirely possible). If you're still open to requests, an AGM-129, Storm Shadow or BrahMos (or II even?) would be pretty cool to see. Technical whatnot over here -wrench
  3. This will have to wait for tomorrow. Game's crashed seven times and my bomber suddenly decides its a bird and flaps its wings off for no clear reason. On the runway to boot. Its also 11 pm and I don't feel like dealing with that.
  4. Just quickly testing it out before bomber challenge, its already better than flying by hand and what I had before. I needed this a while ago.
  5. Hey whats that autopilot mod you're using btw? I could use that. I could use that a lot.
  6. Oh yes. My hours of building random bombers finally pays off. Expect a submission soon, I'm at work rn.
  7. Short answer (for me at least), no. A small portion of parts appear and are functional, however, a shocking majority either is missing or there but nonfunctional. Including those struts, rendering 90% of my creations inoperable .
  8. I'm back (already) with STS-2A and 2B! (they're separate because Artemis's cargo bay is big but it's not a TARDIS I mean come on.) Awkwardly rotated poster from STS-2A here: Album for STS-2A here http://imgur.com/a/YVQzn Now for STS-2B apparently I forgot to take pictures of the several hour struggle of final circularization, and the important bit of pLACING THE ORE SATELLITE (don't ask me how I forgot that it's a pretty important step) so while I'll dump the album here I realize it probably won't be accepted. http://imgur.com/a/KuXaR
  9. Alright I'm gonna post 2 pictures here, one normal one and the other with some added stuff in it. The image is from my most recent shuttle mission. Normal one One with stuff on it (i know these dont need to be in the spoiler tag but they're rotated and really tall so i don't want to be rude and take up too much space.)
  10. Here's STS 1A and 1B (i can do those at the same time right?) http://imgur.com/gallery/c5PfM (ps this is still 1.1.3 because the people who run opt don't update very fast) EDIT: mod list because i'm not smart. pps: launch badge(s) courtesy of http://patchcreator.interstellarmovie.net/
  11. PC got fried due to power surge, I'll have to get back to this later. I'll put up results as soon as I get the replacement parts.
  12. This sounds absolutely insane. Challenge accepted. Results soon. Clarification question though. When it says we are required to use a Mk3 fuselage, do we HAVE to absolutely use one or is it just to make holding the parts easier? Edit: Forgot, well you know, the picture. Here it is. Only shuttle I have really, so I don't really want to have to design another, which is why I'm asking. (more pics soon)
  13. Alrighty, best of luck testing it. (I haven't actually done any full flights on it, just enough to make sure it flies)
  14. Alrighty then this one is an orbiter shuttle/deep space explorer, and I'll need (ideally) max speed, potential range, terminal v, max gee force, aerodynamic stability, glide ability and suvivability (this includes landing). This is a personal project so I don't plan on releasing it (but hey idk) sooooooo here it is. Orbiter (with boosters) Orbiter (without boosters) http://imgur.com/a/6MAAK Mods SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (read me) Final notes: again, this is a personal project that I threw together in 15 minutes so it probably won't be spectacular. I realize
  15. Alright, thanks for doing that. Can I give ya more craft or is there a limit per person?
  16. Hope y'all haven't forgotten about me over here. I wanna post that bomber but not if its completely unusable.
  17. Will this be made compatible for 1.1.3 or is it already compatible?
  18. Here you go. Hope one of you guys has a good computer, this thing isn't friendly. DL Link here no physics modifiers btw Final note: test if its actually landable. never been able to do it myself because i lack experience. maximum range would be nice too Edit note: i really hope you didnt download the old one thats the bad one (ps i gave you your 200th damn.)
  19. (rewriting this for the third time, thanks NKD for bluescreening my cpu again) Ok, I'll have a stab at this. Here is the B-888 Valkyrie, modified from the RQ-888 of the same name to carry people and bombs. Sometimes not in that order. Download here Hotkeys: 1=open bay doors 7, 8 & 9= drop bombs (one at a time) (or you could just click) Mods here Warning: warranty will NOT cover repairs if taken at or above 38 km. Effects of this include: loss of thrust (because ram intakes look cool but are bad), loss of electrical power, loss of control. Damage
  20. If I can get my bomber working I'll send it your way. Just need preliminary specs, top speed, max g, airframe stability, etc.
  21. Thanks, I wasn't really sure what to do with it this time, so I tried something new.
  22. Here's one of my personal faves. While testing the FS-404, the wings somehow collided with each other (despite being on opposite sides of the plane) and while preparing to ditch, it somehow started flying in a straight line again. Made a safe landing at KSC against all odds. (pic not included sadly, i was too excited and ended the flight before taking a shot)
  23. With some inspiration from a friend from gmod (his name is customer service [yes i'm being serious]) I present the A-666 Corvus, a slow close air support attacker/bomber. Sporting two F119 afterburning turbofan engines, a large double delta wing design, two inverted V tails and probably nowhere near enough control surfaces, the A-666 can move at leisurely speeds and attack pretty much whatever its pilot feels like. The A-666 also features two redundant drone control systems, in case one or both of the pilots is incapacitated, but chances are if the cockpit exploded then so did the drone c
  24. Yes, and its Prakasa, and its on my list. There's still some more mods I'm working with. I'll take the shock cone advice into consideration, as that is something I wasn't sure of.
  25. I fly at under 28 km because the airbreathing engines don't go higher, and there's no oxidizer in this variant. I don't often use radiators so my speed is limited to anywhere under 1200 m/s.
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